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  1. It's official: Fastest coach in TCU history to earn "MF" status. Congrats coach.
  2. BMF ("Bad" Motor Scooter)

  3. Sartorially resplendent Jamie Dixon.
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  4. I'd love to be a fly on the wall when he goes in for his job review......
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  5. Should look something like this:
  6. Next on the agenda - CMFDC. Wouldn't have happened without him.
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  7. This summer I hope we'll be anointing LCWSWHCJMFS. I'd buy a dozen of those shirts.
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  8. GMFP
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  9. I don't know the name but the rifle coach should be on this list.
  10. Does any school in the country have 3 better coaches than GP, Dixon and Schloss? In terms of skins on the wall (wins, CWS appearances, championships, etc), I was struggling to come up with another school with 3 more qualified/decorated active coaches.
  11. We good, but need to mix in a NC now and again in something besides plinking.

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