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Jerry world roll call

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by mc1502, Sep 13, 2018.

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    Let's get a count of the frog faithful headed to the death star.

    7 here.
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  3. That's what I get for posting from my phone
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  4. Boycotting, they took away probably my only chance to go see my Frogs in the Horsrshoe a probably my only chance to see the Buckeyes play my Frogs in the Carter and wanted me to pay well over $1000 to take my family to Jerry World and line his pockets with my money... As Mr. Corso say, “not so fast” I will be in my seats, cheering on my Frogs vs ISU in a couple week... F’em
  5. 4 here
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  6. 4 here.
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  7. Me, the wife and 35,000 other frog faithful.
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  8. Not sure yet but probably.
  9. I wish we had kept the home and home but we didn't. It's over and done and the players had nothing to do with. I'll be there supporting the team with one other.
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  10. In. Wasn't going to go, but a vendor got me some awesome seats on the 40 about 15 rows up. Couldn't say no. Now going to tailgate in lot 4.
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  11. Two plus our extended group...maybe 20 all told
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  12. Our happiness factor just dropped from this thread alone. Get the F over it.
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  13. There plus 3!!!
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    2 going here. Not cr@zy about lining Jerry Jones’s pockets but he can’t take all the money with him and he doesn’t have much time left.
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  15. In + 1 other...We May be underdogs and playing away from our home field but I’m glad we are playing storied programs like OSU..It’s just going to make us stronger and that meens something.
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  16. Have a lot of cheap ass friends so I'll be there solo.
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  17. Gonna make Jeruh lose $ when I clog up a toilet or two.

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