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There is a difference between winning 5 games when you have expectations and not winning 5 games when you have zero expectations.

Our first two Big 12 teams would not have been able to win 5 games in the MWC let alone the Big 12.

In 2014-2015 when we finally had a healthy roster, some impact transfers and a couple of recruiting classes we had expectations and went 4-14. The difference between our 2014-2015 and this year's team is that even with higher hopes in 2014-2015, the roster top to bottom was no where near as talented as this year's roster. And the 2014-2015 team, despite 4-14 conference record, had a NET rank of 56 compared to this year's 124. The 2014-2015 had heart and competed and just lost a lot of close games. This year's team I have seen a lot of quit and not a lot of heart.

The early Big 12 teams also did not have the luxury of being able to face teams as bad as Iowa State/Kansas State are this year.

With higher expectations come a higher bar to clear.

The question I ask about Jamie is, does he care? I think he does, his energy on the sidelines show that. But he will never be able to get the UCLA monkey off his back which will always leave a seed of doubt. His best Pitt teams were teams that slowed the game down, had multiple big men in the paint that would bang around on both sides of the floor and a solid floor general to run things. Until we get a real point guard, this team will struggle on offense.