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Is this the trim on our new uniforms?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by gdu, Jan 22, 2019.

  1. Late to the party, is this shade of purple our official color or something different?
  2. Pretty sure it’s the same purple as always. I think we have our own unique font and Pantone courtesy of Nike
  3. Pretty sure that isn't the same purple as previous uniform. It was pretty clear at the basketball reveal it was a different purple.
  4. Are we sure it doesn’t just look different without the black from the frog skin in the old unis?
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  5. When I first saw the neck trim I thought it was dreadlocks.

    I do like it, and it's a great story for the play by play guys. "What is that?" "Simulates the horns around the Horned Frog's neck." "Oh, yes."
  6. You might be right. Either way, I like these purple uniforms better.

    Now if you look back at the jersey's LT wore the purple was much darker.
  7. Would be cool to have a quick video documentary of the process of designing, selecting, making the new uniforms.
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  8. It’s the same color, different fabric
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    Feathers …. but if the kids like Feathers, then those that don't like them should be OK with cheeeezzzee…. Will have to admit the white unis look much much better than the that dark.
  10. Our new uniforms are an inspiration!

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  11. Damn these gonna look clean! That helmet is noooiiiicceeeeeee!
  12. Nope.
    Too much black.
    Not racist.
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  13. We already have that helmet
  14. Looks awesome!
  15. Yes
  16. Do we? That looks like a different color purple to me. And not frog skin.
  17. They are different. The facemask is two different colors (Purple in the middle). Plus, the Frog skin helmets had a big white stripe.
  18. Sorta okay...except for the Nike logo.
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  19. That’s what I was thinking as well.

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