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Interesting Jeremy Clark tweet....

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Jun 19, 2019.

  1. Too lazy to look for the cause of this tweet but I’m sure some of you have the motivation.
  2. Turns out I’m less lazy than I thought....

    Not at all surprised at the player behind this given what we heard prior to last season. Hey Ray, you aren’t in a camp because you have questionable make up and you aren’t good enough for teams to look past it. Hope you got your degree.
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  3. I’m sure KL’s lawyer will be on the case soon. SMH.
  4. Wow is Ridwan drunk? He is rage tweeting at GP and TCU.

  5. Not a good look for him...maybe that's why he's not in the NFL?
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  6. Pretty sure NFL wants players with character and accountability.
  7. He literally had the chance to quit and decided to come back. He was also barely a 3 star who was committed to Georgia State before CGP offered him. The fact he was even able to start in the Big 12 was his ceiling.
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  8. He’s not accepting any apologies, so don’t try!

    Also, I’m not playing in the NFL because of what my high school coaches did to me.
  9. LMAO at that tweet. What a raging idiot.
  10. Ray's potential attorneys when seeing that:

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  11. Probably disqualified for putting an ‘s’on anyway...
  12. Tweet liked by KL. Bizarre.
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  13. Looks like drunk tweets. Was he really in jail?
    If so, he can't be blaming that he did not make the nfl on others. Oh, and his makeup was not really at that level.
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  14. The "had one more time to ask" about the shoulder tweet is kinda goofy.
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  15. Lollll
  16. To be fair, they probably do want them.
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  17. People today. If things don't go their way, blame someone else.
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  18. And likely a lie.
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