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IN THE NEWS: Links to this past week's TCU news


Lifelong Frog
Again able to update the thread, interesting though that posts are limited to no more than 10,000 characters so had to cut a couple of days from the list. Perhaps can get Wes or TxFrog1999 to change that board restriction.


Lifelong Frog
Strange ... last two days the pinned threads disappeared on me. I had to search for this thread in order to update it.

Well, after doing this post and update the pinned threads returned.


In other Frog News - I guess at least they are having fun?



Lifelong Frog
This board's platform limits a post to 10,000 characters. So with so many daily news stories I am not able to keep a full week's list of posted news stories. Two, three days at the most.

For those who don't like all of the daily posts, I am selective. There are many more but they are either repetitive or I don't feel provide any real value or information.

It is going to be this way for the next few weeks.

Go Frogs! Beat Michigan! #HE15MAN