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In the end we actually won

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Baylor Dan, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. Wrestling is dumb
  2. I remember this guy.
  3. No but a well known alum who may or may not be seen at the lettermans tailgate.
  4. Fo Reelz? The ginormous smoker in lot 2? I was hanging out with them at the OK State game.
  5. this year's Baylor seniors will fondly and forever remember their four consequtive wins...
  6. ^^This is your brain on virginity^^
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  7. I miss Earl from Mesquite. His posts were funny and informative.
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  8. damn! Don't you wish we had lost that game in Waco so we could brag like Dan does? Says something about a team when they start calling an embarrassing loss a win. But that's Baylor.
  9. Good to see you again, Baylor Dan.
  10. Close, but not Steel.
  11. Isn't the the dude Normalfrog used to call BayWhore Dan??
  12. Clearly not a Baylor fan. No reference to 61-58.
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  13. Which regular poster is Baylor Dan?
  14. We were a top 10 program until Briles was quickly forced out in what I consider to be a conspiracy created by UT. We have the best stadium with a natural waterway running next to it. Very desirable for any conference. Rhule will get us back there.
  15. If you don’t immediately realize that this is satire, I feel a little bit sorry for you.
  16. “A little bit” is being kind.
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  17. Well, that was the giveaway, wasn't it?
  18. SCOREBOARD!!!!

    Your clowns were just out lining up rape victims. FU

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