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Illinois St game? Not on DirectV feed.

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by SuperTFrog, Dec 3, 2019 at 8:04 PM.

  1. None on my Directv
  2. Stream from your phone to your tv on the Fox Sports App.
  3. It’s on 683 in Directv
  4. Slow start but now we are going. 8-7 with a FT to go.
  5. Not working on 676-2 for me. I don't have 683. Guess I'll continue to watch the Stars game.
  6. 671 Direct TV where I’m at.
  7. Someone told Diante to fire it up tonight.
  8. I’ve got it on the Fox Sports app
  9. Frogs trailed 7-0 to start. Now up 16-10 and Ledee will be shooting a FT after this break.
  10. Brandi Chastain's man burned brother just dunked on TCU with ease
  11. What?
  12. Frogs not shooting well but are hitting the board...Smith loves to shoot but is doesn’t like the make them
  13. He’s got a nice shot though. They’ll start falling at some point. If we were hitting our 3s a little better we’d be up 15.
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  14. ISU's Matt Chastain dunked. He has a man bun. Doubt he is Brandi's brother.
  15. ISU has one more 3 pt made on seven less attempts
  16. Our poor shooting is keeping them in this one.
  17. Rebounding and turnovers the difference.
  18. Hard to watch this team and not enjoy them while simultaneously thinking they probably won’t win 6 conference games
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