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Illegal Snap Rule

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Raw Frog, Oct 13, 2019.

  1. Does anyone know what the "illegal snap rule" is?
    Looked like a fumble recovered by Tech in OT.
    Was shocked at the ruling.
    What is the deal with that?
  2. The officials blew that call. Should have been a fumble.
  3. Looked exactly like the fumbled snap we had on the goal line against Arkansas.
  4. It was 100% a fumbled snap. Tech should be furious.
  5. Most material botched call I’ve seen since gray’s non facemask fumble in the Arkansas home game
  6. It was game determinative. All TT had to do was kick a FG to win.
  7. Absolutely horrible. Can Refs be punished?
  8. It’s the Big 12. Our officials are terrible and miss calls all the time...and never punished.
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  9. Tin foil fun - Big 12 refs often seem to make close calls in favor of whichever team is ranked higher, undefeated, etc., whatever seems best for the conference, or would please conference office. No way of really confirming this, just appears that way.
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  11. I don’t understand why some plays are reviewable and some aren’t. The goal should be to make correct calls, and if they aren’t, should be able to correct them.
  12. There are some plays where "the whistle had blown" theoretically stopping the action. Since there is no way to know at which precise instant the whistle blew, the action is deemed un-reviewable.

    Now, this is clearly B.S. and, in the situation of the Rapists fumble, should have been ruled correctly. No "review" was necessary. The bozo on the field made an incorrect call, and the cover story was "blown dead." Some grown-up in the decision chain has to stand up and say, "Dumbass blew the call. The right call is X. Make it so." Today is too late. Yesterday was too late. All they can offer now is "Whoopsie!"

    Tech got screwed out of a win, and the Rapists rank status is intact. Gee! Thanks, BIGXII! Integrity is you...
  13. They made the wrong call, but they did not blow it. The did exactly what the conference wants them to do right now. Welcome to the world of CFP.
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  14. The big 12 admitted it was a bad call to Tech but what does that really help? We screwed up but you still got the shaft! And bu moves up in the rankings!
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  15. Baylor had some targeting on Iowa State that was not called.
    With this admission by the big 12, the correct response is to correct the record, give Tech the win and give baylor the loss.
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  16. That would be unprecedented, right? Has that ever happened? From Fifth Down to OU-Oregon to CMU-Oklahoma State, officiating mistakes, even egregious ones, have always stood once the game is over.
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  17. how do you give tech the win?

    it was a bad call and it impacted how the end of the game played out, but as was seen in the uga-south carolina game that short field goal is not a given
  18. uh, well, they scored for further out.

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