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If you could pick.....


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If you could pick any former Frog to be on this year's team, who would it be?

If Justin Rodgers is healthy, I'm picking Josh Doctson. Josh and Reagor on the field together would be a deadly combination.

Except nobody really knows if Justin Rodgers would/will be a good quarterback even if he was/is healthy. Do you realize how many 5-star QBs didn't really amount to much in college?

On offense give me Andy Dalton. On defense I'll take Jerry Hughes (it would normally be Jason Verrett but we've got a bigger need at DE IMO).


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This years team is without a doubt in need of a QB more than anything else..If your going by that metric I don’t know how anyone could choose anything else..

Today 247 ranked the Big12 QBs going into the season..It’s clearly an off season opinion piece but Delton is listed 8 in front of two guys who never played before. The guy ranked ahead of him at 7 has never taken a snap in College football Spencer Sanders...Yes it’s a meaningless article but it is a reflection of what most people think of our QB situation...

I’d take Dalton back in a heart beat


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LT. A threat anywhere on the field on offense. Great hands, good blocker, speed, and a shifty cutting ability not seen since Walter Payton.

Doctson. Fast, able to go up and get the ball, and the best hands of any TCU receiver since Mike Renfro. bmoney is right, Doctson and Reagor lining up on the field at the same time would be deadly.

Aaron Schobel. For a guy recruited as a QB, he sure figured out how to disrupt and crush an offense playing on the other side of the ball. (Tommy Blake comes to mind as well.)