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If TCU runs the ball 50 times

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by FrogByBirth, Sep 11, 2019 at 9:55 PM.

  1. and throws 35, they win big by controlling the clock and possessions.

    If they pass more than run, they lose.

    It’s that simple.
  2. I don’t think we have that kind of OL...That’s why we run a bunch of screens
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  3. Mr. Foot Fetish wants them to run it more. Fascinating analysis.
  4. Except that Purdue has a terrible pass defense and a decent run defense.
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  5. If that is the case, we're running the whole game. "Run right at their strength! Cross 'em up!"

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    He would really have been happy in the 60's or 70's, or as an Army fan. Otherwise...

    If we can't throw well enough to win against Purdue, then we have a long season ahead of us. In 2014 we passed more than ran it. In 2016 we passed a little more. Last year we ran the ball a lot more. No no correlation there.

    Once again, one of the best correlations is turnovers.
  7. We may see Foster a little this week if all goes as planned, based on managing his and Barlow’s redshirt.
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  8. TCU averages 76 offensive plays per game over the last five years.
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  9. For someone who has been posting on here for a long time it’s amazing how little you know about our team.
  10. My first thought as well. If we’re on the field for any combination of 85 offensive plays in regulation there’s almost no way we lose this game barring massive TO issues.
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  11. Here's my analysis:

    If we (TCU) score more touchdowns and field goals we should win this game. It's that simple. Unless we give up 50 safeties. IT'S THAT SIMPLE!
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  12. Thanks, man! We’ll pass that on to Gary right away.
    Hey Gary, Cross Dresses says if we run...
    BEAT purdue!
    Spit Blood ~~<~<and scheiss baylor!!
  13. Sawyer's back?
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  14. If we run the ball a lot more it is because we have a big lead before the third quarter ends, or we can't throw the ball. Hope it is the first one. If we can't throw the ball, we lose.
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  15. This
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  16. Being in the B10 you are sunk if you do not have a good run defense. I said that, but looking at last year's stats there are more pass-heavy teams in the B10 than run-heavy, based on yardage. Too much work to figure out number of run/pass plays per team.
  17. Right. You may as well say if TCU scores more points they win. Hell, only a tiny number of teams average north of 80
  18. Over/under - Purdue will have ten more pass attempts than we have run attempts.
  19. The old stereotypes die hard. The idea that Big 12 teams are all wide-open and throw it every down and Big 10 teams are 3 yards and a cloud of dust (or rubber pellets these days) is a myth. As is the myth that the SEC is full of great defenses and crap offenses.

    College football is played the same way all over. Some teams run it more, some teams pass it more, some teams are really good, some teams not so much, etc etc etc.
  20. In his presser Tuesday, GP said (paraphrasing) that he disliked going against any offense that ran their offense well. Triple-option or spread, as long as they were good at what they do, that is the toughest. In other words execution. No mention of team that has best play calling.
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