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Ian Boyd analysis of our “offense”

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by PO Frog, Nov 18, 2020.

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  3. Offense intends to feed each skill player "enough to keep him happy and out of the transfer portal." (Said about Pro Wells but true of others as well.)

    "Frogs...’re busy trying to feed all the mouths rather than zeroing in on a few playmakers and telling everyone else to either own a role or sit and wait their turn."
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  4. Boyd is a pretty big critic of TCU and GP. Always has been. Having said that, he not always wrong. But for the most part he’s blow hard that thinks he knows X and Os more than he really does.
  5. Excepty he uses "ancillary" more often than we do.
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  6. Must be working through the "A's" in his Thesaurus...
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  7. one person's "ancillary" is another's " total dogcrap stuck on the bottom of a shoe walking through horsecrap"
  8. I believe it could have all been summed up as: "The Coaches don't know what they're doing on Offense." Duh.
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  9. In keeping with the article, one small change.
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  10. Maybe so, but I too would like to know what we were thinking on the Pro Wells screen. Bunch formation, spring him out for a pass, he catches it and immediately cuts back to the middle of the field. Seriously, what was the idea there other than just to throw him a pass you know he'll catch just to keep him involved and "happy".
  11. Sounds like most of the posters on this board
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  12. My guess at the time is that the throw was supposed to be a leading throw to the inside of Wells so that Wells could go outside on the move. Duggan missed by a mile which forced Wells to literally turn around and at that point going back up field as quickly as possible was the only option
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  13. He didn't miss by a mile but it definitely wasn't a perfect ball.

    That right there though is one of the problems with throwing a quick screen to a 250 lbs guy. If you don't put the ball in the perfect spot then it's probably going to take that guy some time to get his momentum going back in the right direction. And even though those throws look really easy you're trying to get the ball out so fast like a middle infielder turning a double play that you can't expect them to always be in a perfect spot.
  14. They probably ran it in practice once or twice. Four or five weeks ago. I can imagine the huddle: "Coach says run this (play)."
    "What the hell is that?"
    "I think you're supposed to throw it to me."
    "I take a few steps that-a-way, then you throw it."
    "Oh! I think I remember now!" Looks at dwindling playclock. "O.K. We'll do that. Y'all try to block somebody."
  15. Makes me miss a team that would huddle up.
  16. Would be interesting to know how many of Duggan's passes are thrown less than 3 yards downfield. It's a staple of the offense but they just hardly ever seem to work. I'm sure I'm missing some plays, but I can't really remember a screen or quick out to a WR (or whatever fancy name you want to give that play) getting more than a few yards. A HIGH percentage of them get blown up near the LOS, they don't fool anyone anymore.
  17. If you are not going to hurry and you're going to run plays rather than react based on what the defense shows, it makes no sense to not huddle. A coach would have to explain that one to me. If I'm a DC I'm loving the fact that the offense tips off their alignment on every play and let's me adjust accordingly.
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  18. It's the same thing we've seen virtually every year since 2015. Defenses don't care about the deep ball, and really the intermediate pass. They know we won't throw them very often and have virtually no success doing so. There's a reason it seems like all 11 defenders are playing at the LOS every single freaking play... because they are.
  19. It's way too many. The problem though is that we also don't have very much success completing passes down the field for a variety of reasons. So the entire passing game is just a total cluster scheiss. Defenses play downhill on us because getting beat down field isn't a worry.
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  20. This. So much this.

    You, sir, have successfully gone through the foul entrails of our Offensive Philosophy. I suggest a shower. And a disinfectant martini.
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