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I wondered why Duggan didn't start while watching the 2nd half

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by FrogME?NoFrogU!, Sep 28, 2020.

  1. I wonder if that is Colin Post's nickname?

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  2. They wanted to ease him in but called 3 QB runs his first series?
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  3. They were intentionally trying to get a 3 and out so he'd have more time to rest.
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  4. I was gonna say...

    That was a mystery to me. Of course, it could have been that Max hisownself simply hung onto the ball and took a few hits just to 1.) Get back into the game with authoritah! And, 2.) Prove to the Coaches that he can take it.
  5. Lot of truth here. Getting good QB play would make a huge difference after 2 years of bad QB play and losing a bunch of close games.

    That's why my biggest concern from Saturday was the defensive performance. A lot of the offensive issues can be solved just by Max being the guy that most of us think he can be. The defensive issues aren't as simple.
  6. Lets assume Max starts... then plays two series and we see how he is doing, doesn't that make more sense? If he plays the first quarter maybe we are up 10 - 0 or 14 - 0... which changes the whole game going forward.
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  7. Exactly. We got behind and had to throw more. Run game looked good.
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  8. yeah, not the first time they have done this. heck, start of last season. Max was on his game. And yes, his passing looked way better. After seeing how Downing could spin it, I wondered if he had the better arm. But Downing was stone feet. Just waited too long to move.
  9. We used to step on people's throats early. Have not seen that in a while.
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  10. Yeah, but how much of this could be that the Frogs need to accept that football has changes and teams are not going to hold offenses to 14 points or less these days. Keep the action in front of you and get your offense to score. Leaving the back door open just gets ya burned.
  11. Also if we jump out to a lead, Iowa State can't run as much with Hall...
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  12. Lisa LT has Steel hot right now!

    as steel was sitting there watching, there is NO WAY a coach looks at Downings popgun of an arm in months of practice and concludes that he should ever start a game

    steel surmised that’s there were some promises made to get a big time transfer from big hot S Georgia and that promise cost us the game. Dugan starts from the get ho, we win that game

    that is all

    thread locked!
  13. why wouldn't they as they weren't exactly burning a great deal of clock when you are going 75 yards on one play and then another 75 yards on just three plays
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  14. Brain locked.
  15. They didn't know that before hand... its just a mental thing... teams run less when they fall behind. Not saying they should or shouldn't and one dimensional offense is easier to defend.
  16. the only people who think that way are sonny and doug

    if you have watched iowa state much they stick to the plan and don't panic so they weren't going away from the run game in the second quarter
  17. I generally agree but there's no reason we shouldn't be able to keep ISU under 21 after Lousiana held them to 17.

    It's extremely frustrating to watch ISU look like [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] on offense against virtually everyone the last 2 years but have their way with the TCU defense. 86 points in 2 games is totally inexcusable. I know some of those points are due to offensive mistakes but hell I'd say even 56 points is too much in 2 games considering how bad that offense looks against everyone else.
  18. FACTS

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