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I think I found the next OC - Rhett Lashlee

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by robbroyy, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. So I’ve previously presented Chad Morris and Derek Dooley because they’re older and have HC experience so you’d think GP will be more comfortable with them.

    well how about Rhett Lashlee the OC at SMU? Was with Malzahn which is a perfect blend of run and pass and then gets GPs friend Sonny Dykes blessing after the last 2 years.

    Would know the DFW area. And we could steal THEIR signals since that’s what determines who wins the rivalry game.
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  2. Pat Sullivan gave him his first OC job...

  3. So he can come here, have CGP tell him his offense is too up tempo, and ruin it too.
  4. Whoever takes the job we're presuming will be open needs to accept it only on the condition that he will have complete control, within the pre-agreed framework (i.e. you hired me to run offense X, this is offense X; I want to hire receivers coach N, you may veto the hire if coach N is a meth addict but not because you feel like keeping your idiot buddy in the job instead).

    If presumptive future OC comes here on any other terms, he's a fool and we're doomed to more futility.
  5. Well, whatever his Coaching skills, he certainly wins kudos for the name thing...
  6. Gary may be reaching the point where he will consider letting Cumbie open up the playbook, even though the other teams would finally know what is in there.....that must be Gary's ace in the hole...
  7. Sounds like a conglomeration of Gone With the Wind characters.
  8. ......or a popular country singer
  9. Rhett is good for several head-scratching play calls each game. It’s pretty easy to look good as an OC in the AAC with Buechele at QB throwing to Proche and Roberson.
  10. Case in point: Cumbie when he had Boykin throwing to Doctson and Turpin
  11. Lashlee flamed out pretty spectacularly at Auburn. Went from one of the most highly thought-of assistants to having his mentor (Malzahn) demote him in the span of 3 years. Maybe he has learned/matured, but I'm not willing to take that bet.
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