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How many players were suspended?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by MinFrog, Sep 27, 2020.

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    Obviously, Max was suspended the first half.

    Evans, hunt, etc. how many of these guys were suspended?

    That has to be the only reason for the personnel decisions, right?

    no way they would screw it up that bad without them suspending people and then not saying anything.

    edit: I removed Bowen, he did play.
  2. Bowen played quite a bit.
  3. Did Pro Wells play?
  4. He did not, it seems he hurt his hammy.
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  5. So, if you don’t play, you must have been suspended. That where we’re at?
  6. Either they were suspended or they are TERRIBLE for not getting any run yesterday.

    I am hoping for suspension, otherwise we are in for a long season.
  7. Good Grief.
  8. Gary is the one who needs to be suspended
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  9. bowen at defensive tackle with how bad the frogs looked at defensive ends makes me curious how things are going at defensive tackle
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  10. Well to be fair Pro Wells posted something saying he had no idea he wasn’t playing. And the Duggan suspension news came out of nowhere. So not totally unfounded to think a large group of players were serving some kind of suspension
  11. That inference is unfounded but maybe not unreasonable
  12. That's my point. Why throw that assumption out there if you're just speculating? And with specific names attached to it?
  13. This is my completely out of the blue, no inside knowledge hypothesis:

    A group of players did something (attended a party, whatever) that lead to the outbreak that resulted in the SMU cancellation. The discipline was sitting a part or all of the first game. It would explain the depth chart, Downing, Wells, Evans, etc. Or it could have been different and separate reasons for discipline with the same result. We had to think Wells was in trouble for tweeting our video of players being disciplined on the field right?
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    We need them to grow up on and OFF the field. My point about the depth chart last week. As fans we are not privileged to internal problems on the team. I am confident it will get better during the season. It will play out. This team is very talented even with a tough loss. Go Frogs!
  15. Maybe they just had injuries that kept them from playing yesterday or, after we got down, game plan went to a scheme that favored certain personnel usage?
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  16. Wow I got absolutely roasted in a thread last night about a certain players suspension... where’s the frog police @froginmn where you at buddy!?
  17. When you hear the thunder of approaching hooves, don’t start screaming, “Here Come The Zebras!” It might just be horses...
    BEAT tu!
    Spit Blood!!~~<~<and fok baylor!!
  18. After 18 posts... a lot to do about nothing information....

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