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How did Mahomes do against TCU?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Brog, Feb 4, 2020.

  1. I'm sure not a Tech fan, but I'm an east Texan and a Texan, SO, I've become a big fan of Patrick Mahomes. And I'm trying to remember how he did against us when he was at Tech. Can anyone remember those days well enough to answer that question?
  2. 2014 - 77.3 QBR
    2015 - 89.9 QBR
    2016 - 82.0 QBR

    So pretty mediocre.
  3. Frogs won in ‘14 and ‘15.

    Raiders won in ‘16.

    ‘14 was a blowout.

    The other two were close.

    Go Frogs!
  4. He is a system QB.

    ha ha.
  5. he played at the very end of 2014 game and threw 11 passes.

    in the 2015 he was 25/ 45 for 392 and 2 td's

    in the 2016 game he was 24 / 39 for 2016 yards, 2 td's and 1 int. frogs really played well defensively in that game, but frogs lost it in 2ot. interesting fact is the combined qbr for hill and sawyer was less than pat's for the game.
  6. Mahomes was fantastic. The problem was that he played at Tech. Every year I told my friends that if Mahomes has a team, they will destroy us.
  7. god almighty
  8. you know we can't cover the wheel route and the tight end up the seam
  9. Thread is taking an interesting turn
  10. just a continuation of halftime at the gentleman's club.....i mean the super bowl
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  11. 89.9 and 82.0 both as a season average would have placed in top ten last season in D1
  12. 2016 waste worst Def of the TCU B12 era
  13. He hasn't been able to do anything versus TCU lately.
  14. Amazing how bad Tech was with him at QB. They turned his time there into absolutely nothing.
  15. Patterson should have been fired on the spot.
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  16. That 840-yard wheel route killed us.
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  17. I watched a game he played, it may not have been us, but he was slinging it around with a bum leg for more than half the game as well. I just remember thinking he has no team around him and is gutting this out and making it close. Was always impressed.

    Hell of a QB room at Tech around this time... had Davis Webb who is still in the NFL, Mahomes, and Mayfield who couldnt crack the two deep!
  18. Although a Tech QB, I found it difficult to root against him.

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