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Houston Chronicle: Texas, Oklahoma reach out to SEC about joining conference

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Jul 21, 2021.

  1. Expanding with teams that don't really move the needle is a pointless exercise. USC isn't going to remain in a conference with a bunch of Colorado State's, Utah's and TCUs while all the other major programs are banding together. Same with Clemson, North Carolina and Florida State.

    Just not gonna happen.
  2. Correct. Indeed, you made my point.

    NIL isn’t changing the landscape. Of course the starting QB at Alabama is going to make among the most off NIL. What does that change? Nothing. Alabama already gets top QBs.
  3. Just start a new league, call it something else, and don’t invite them. The Vanderbilts and Wake Forests of the world aren’t long for this new world either.
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  4. laughing, but still sad
  5. https://www.espn.com/college-footba...sooners-texas-longhorns-verge-making-sec-move

    This excerpt was interesting:

    "Several ACC athletic directors believed that their league would make a push in the next few years to add both Texas and Oklahoma -- along with Notre Dame, which already is a partial ACC member -- as it looks to restructure its TV contract, but the suddenness of the Longhorns' and Sooners' move to the SEC took them by surprise.

    One ACC AD wondered whether this could be the first domino leading to a massive shake-up that would ultimately result in a 32-team superconference. Two other ADs suggested that the best path forward might be for the ACC, Pac-12 and others to work together toward a new media rights package that could help counter the outsized strength a 16-team SEC would command, with one AD also saying he believed there was minimal value in what would remain of the Big 12."
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    Exactly. They have to extend their footprint or they both will just be regional coastal conferences.
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  7. I think the main reason this isn’t bothering me more than it is is because it was always easy to see where this was eventually headed and that the TCU’s of the world would never be a part of it. Getting left behind the first time was WAY different. At least to me it was.
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  8. Disagree completely.

    Wait til we start publicly seeing actual dollar amounts of what Big Ten/SEC players get compared to players in other conferences.

    It’ll be similar to the discrepancy in conference payouts between the SEC/Big Ten and other conferences.
  9. I mean it won’t happen because the big schools in the other leagues know they will be in the final inner circle but the only way you combat this is for EVERY other league to refuse to schedule the SEC in anything forcing them to just be their own little entity that nobody outside of that bubble gives one rat’s ass about. Would actually be a next level truly brilliant plan to scheiss the SEC. Again, I’m not even remotely serious that this is gonna happen.
  10. They weren’t getting Texas/OU and ND is going to renegotiate their deal with NBC now that they have numbers to demand. They can complain about what’s left or realize they going have to do something.
  11. 100% Accurate. Money wins - Poverty loses
  12. Ok, well, sorry (I guess) you don’t understand what the real fundamental change drivers are in college athletics?
  13. You trying to take all my content?
  14. You act like only the Alabama QB will get paid.

    It’s just the most glaring example.

    But the SEC and Big Ten will dominate recruiting battles even more than they used to once HS athletes start seeing numbers made public.
  15. The SEC has been playing chess for the past 15 years while the other conferences have been playing tic tac toe. The PAC12 is going to temporarily luck out, they should have been the first to die, but the B12 is a joke also.

    But I've come more around to the fact that this is eventually going to end up as a ~30 team minor league football with all the big schools
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  16. You make it sound like people are lining up to sign deals with these athletes.

    Look around. They’re not. There are some QBs, RBs and a small handful of position players at the top of the food chain schools getting some deals. A few one offs, too. NIL isn’t and won’t fundamentally change anything. Maybe reinforce the current power structure. But you’re naively overvaluing the impact of NIL.

    Survey college ADs. This isn’t the concern.
  17. [​IMG]

    in hindsight, the big 12 should have been listening to wutang financial for planning advice

    protect that neck and drop some bonbs​
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  18. All I know is I will be in Ft. Worth October 2nd throwing the horns down sign all day long.
  19. NIL is in its infancy.

    I’m not talking about right now.

    I’m talking about several recruiting cycles down the line … when more of the NIL numbers become public.
  20. I can't wait until we are PAC members. I am excited!

    Trying to be optimistic here....
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