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Houston Chronicle: Texas, Oklahoma reach out to SEC about joining conference

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Jul 21, 2021.

  1. There will be no playoff expansion. If they expand it will be only to add more blue bloods and name schools.

    See the forest for the trees, people. This is the first step to a super league.
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  2. For Texas finishing 6th in the SEC West will be considered better than 6th in Big 12. It does make one wonder how long can they continue this mediocrity and not have it affect interest.
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  3. This has been my thought as well.

    You’d think it hurts broadcasters like ESPN … maybe not enough for them to speak up or try to stop it … but it could very well hurt them.

    And if it hurts them, that could eventually hurt conferences in terms of TV money.

    But that’s a long way off … and the size of sports TV contracts don’t usually go down.

    So we shall see….
  4. Glad Fran gets it. I think the casual fan will be turned off by this obvious greedy money grab.

    The ultimate goal is a 24-32 team super league that splits from the NCAA and has its own rules(paying players, no academic requirements). I could see the casual fan thumbing their nose at that and refusing to watch.
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  5. I just had this conversation. The reason people still watch Clemson/Alabama/OSU/OU in the playoffs every year is because there still exists (however slight) a connection between those schools and YOUR team. If they create a super league that gets rid of the bottom feeders, the fans of the bottom feeders will no longer maintain any interest in the super league schools. I am all for everyone seeking the most dollars possible for their interests, but I think it's being extremely short-sighted if they think they can cut the pie fewer ways without dramatically shrinking the eventual size of the pie. Perhaps they get one good TV deal out of it, but the next TV deal would be non-existent after the whole thing flops.
  6. This is where I think the downfall in college sports will be. We are already saturated with SEC talk and how great they are thrown down our throat’s. TV will eventually be what could be their downfall depending on viewership. It’s already declining I believe with people not watching as much and now you may alienate those middle of the fence people who get tired of hearing about the lovefest for the SEC. Again I could be way wrong.
  7. Great. We might have a better path to “making” the playoff. But the severe financial cliff we go off will make us uncompetitive if/when we get in. Do you want a participation trophy or an actual chance to compete for a national championship?
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  8. You don’t think most small schools like TCU were already headed for non-competitiveness due to the NIL?
  9. Could not have said it better myself

    Also the NCAA Tournament is where the NCAA has leverage. The reason its so popular and worth 2 billion is because of the 64 team bracket. A 32 team superleague would not be able to produce a basketball postseason anywhere near as exciting or valuable as March Madness.
  10. I honestly don't think there would be a "playoff" to for us make.

    The powers that be have no interest in letting in G5 teams or smaller tier P5 teams into their playoff.

    The 12 team playoff is just talk. It's not reality. If the powers that be had their way they would create an 8 team playoff and only a select number of schools would have access to it.
  11. It wouldn’t dilute their basketball.

    Pac 12 hasn’t won a basketball title since Mike Bibby was a freshman.

    And they haven’t been that relevant in football since Pete Carroll left.

  12. And they wonder why nobody wants them in their conference?!

    Mizzou has always coveted a spot in the Big Ten! They still covet that spot! Nebraska promised the Kansas City and Omaha markets, but they have fallen way short with that promise. The Big Ten also struggles more than they would like in St. Louis. If the Big Ten offers Mizzou they are gone in a heartbeat. Notre Lame is still the big fish in the North without a home. How much longer can they survive without joining a full time conference? KU would be intriguing to the Big Ten and more likely the ACC in basketball. If Mizzou bolts for the Big Ten I could see KU filling in that spot. I still think the Big East is an option for them while dropping down a level in football.

    I am beginning to believe the ACC will take WVU. With 15 members it makes a lot of sense. If Notre Lame finally joins the Big Ten then all bets are off. The ACC could stand pat, but not likely. They could add 2 teams with one being WVU and the other being an AAC school or UConn. That would be the worst scenario for TCU!
  13. At most games, Texas is only filling about 2/3 of their stadium anyway
  14. I know it's not happening, but I would love this. Two 10 team divisions. 9 game division schedule without crossover games. Title game in Vegas, winner to the Rose Bowl.

    Call it the SuperPAC.
  15. Nah, they’ll prolly keep the expanded playoff … that way they can have more of their teams in it.

    The playoff will have like 5 SEC teams every year.
  16. Why would they change the basketball postseason?
  17. Honest question - How were we able to compete, go undefeated and beat almost everyone we played with a very small amount of conference money but in the future we can’t’? I admit I don’t understand the finances involved but TCU has a lot of freaking money and wealthy alumni.
  18. No because NIL isn’t what’s going to fundamentally change college sports.
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  19. There will be a playoff because $$$$.
  20. Here is my question/concern. If there was not enough value in the Big 12 to prompt the television partners to open the negotiating window early (apparently a few months ago the Big 12 approached the tv partners and asked if they wanted to open the negotiation window early and were re-buffed), then why would there be enough value adding 4 members to the Pac 12.

    I would be fine with being in the Pac-12 but it seems unlikely that the TV package would offset the extra mouths to feed, and if that is they case, why would they even expand. There would be no need.

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