Hotel suggestions for Alamo Bowl?

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  1. I'm not real familiar with San Antonio hotel options. The big hotels on the Riverwalk. Hyatt, Marriott, etc) are full. Anyone have any suggestions for hotels that are 1)in safe location, and 2)anywhere near the RiverWalk/Alamodome. Or is it just best to stay a few miles out and drive down there for the RiverWalk experience and game?
    Any suggestions for those of you who know San Antonio would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Try to stay downtown so you can walk to the game. Was an absolute nightmare trying to get out of that place last time. Took over an hour just to get to the highway
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  3. The Moose Inn in New Braunfels is very nice I'm told.
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  4. Westin Riverwalk, St. Anthony, Hyatt, Menger for old school.
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  5. Hyatt Regency is sold out. But the other Alumni hotel is the Hyatt Grand and supposedly has rooms available. Both hotels are downtown, which is definitely the area where you’ll want to stay, IMO.
  6. Last Alamo bowl I did Priceline about a week out. Got a suite for about $150 a night at (can’t remember hotel but nice on river walk).
  7. Drury Inn and Suites and Drury Plaza are on the Riverwalk. Similiar concept to Embassy Suites. Hilton, Hotel Contessa, Wyndham, Menger.
  8. Grand Hyatt's advantage is that it is a very easy walk to the Alamo Bowl. Five minutes, maybe. (But hope it's not raining like the last time.)
  9. There are a plethora of hotels downtown. There is also the “Hotel Emma” at the pearl but be warned, it is extremely pricy. There are several elsewhere in town.
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  10. Menger Hotel. Great location, beautiful lobby, nice rooms, and the coolest bar in Texas. Teddy Roosevelt recruited rough riders there. Gorgeous bar and a really cool place to have drinks.
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  11. Contessa
  12. Valencia on the Riverwalk
  13. I’m a Marriott guy so the fact that it’s free comes into play but we like the Marriott River Center because you can walk to the Alamo Dome from there.
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  14. We’re Marriott folks too, but both of their hotels on the riverwalk were booked last time so we ended up at the Springhill Suites on Bowie/Houston. We cabbed to the game but walked back with the crowd. It was a nice little place to dry off and sleep after the game. There were a bunch of those lower/mid-level type places from all the big chains right there together.
  15. Most newer Springhill Suites are perfectly OK with me.
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  16. I tried to go away from Marriott for this trip but couldn't make myself do it. Marriott Riverplace for us. Free makes it even better.
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  17. Omni La Mansion is another good one.
  18. Good brunch there as well

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