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Hot girls in Stoolwater

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by The Artist Formerly Known as PhormerPhrog, Nov 2, 2019.

  1. 404 error. File not found. Really diminished talent pool. Glad I live in FWTX.
  2. You can't swing a paddle if you're under 2 Bills.
  3. It's the State of Oklahoma's 2nd choice school....how good could they be?
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  4. Did they get caught in that 252 degree weather?
  5. I was in Memphis for SMU game with gf. We have agreed to alternate games for our teams but this week I told her let’s go to Memphis because I did not hear good things about Oklahoma. Memphis girls were not so attractive. Many creepy guys staring at my girlfriend too long.

    Her team lost and mine too, not much good energy at bedtime. Plus she has exam this week.

    I am hoping we can take a break from American football next weekend.
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  6. Oh look, Chris Chris showed up.
  7. No break next weekend.... we beat an undefeated bu team to start 4 straight losses for the bears.
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  8. There were less okie state fans will paddles versus the last time in Stillwater , I wonder why ?
  9. We have fat girls waving paddles, you had the guy with the man bun yelling "Boomer Sooner" the whole game.

    I knew it was a bad idea to get those seats.
  10. I hope we win but invited to law school party. Most not big sports fans in this group, like party more than sports and some maybe into a lot of drugs. I avoid though. Still fun people.

    Expect post test “stress relief” session in bedroom on Friday, so Saturday not likely to have much energy left. Not 20 any more....
  11. This bit never gets old.
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  12. It's got to be a bit. Lol
  13. Its definitely a bit. The character has changed three or four times. I applaud the effort, though, even if it lost its comedic value a long time ago.
  14. FIFY
  15. Get your left hand ready. The right will not make it past 10 PM.

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