Hoops Game Thread: Frogs v Mountaineers

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Portland Frog, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. Thought I would get it started since we are a couple hours away from tip. A win against the #6 team would do a lot to improve the resume and turn the tide on the recent losing streak. Let's go guys!
  2. Darn Western Virginia.
  3. Can we call a timeout before we are down 10+ points?

    Even better, can we have a quick start?
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  4. After losing games we felt we should win, how bout we flip the script tonight?
  5. Rotate Vlad and Ahmed Hamdy (Samuel playing?), pound inside! Must make it painful for the Western Va folks.:mad:
  6. Crash the boards
    Limit the TOs and thus draw fouls in the press
    Contest shots inside and out
    Hit 75-80% from the FT line as a team

    What else?
  7. WVU fouls a lot, so hitting from the line is essential if we are going to win. We also need to do a better job of breaking the press than we have in the past.

    Other than that, need to do the same things that make us successful. Run our plays and don’t rush shots. Play aggressive inside and out-rebound. Play good defense, especially on the transition. Would also be a great game for Olden to show out.
  8. Is this game going to make me emotional?
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    The gray warm ups our redshirts and transfers are wearing make them look like they are part of a cult.

    Like the Heaven's Gate people who were waiting for the spaceship on the tail of that comet.

  10. Likely
  11. I think we are do for a big time win, tonight might be the night.
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  12. I got a good feeling. We’re gonna win.
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  13. Lol. Have I called any games this year must-win yet?
  14. WVU looks big in pre-game. Ish bout to get physical in here
  15. Yep. #50 is stout.
  16. Yikes. 299th in defense is a below average stat.
  17. Another slow start. At least defense looks good so far.
  18. Cant win em all
  19. Great job drawing the foul. Now we just gotta start hitting shots.

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