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High Point Enterprise: Rockers add pitcher Purke

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Mar 19, 2020.

  1. Rockers add pitcher Purke

    HIGH POINT – The High Point Rockers have announced the signing of left-handed pitcher Matt Purke.

    Purke pitched for the Sugar Land Skeeters in 2019. His versatility will be a huge plus for High Point, as will the fact that he joins Drake Owenby as the only two left-handed pitchers on the current roster.

    In his first season of Atlantic League play, Purke registered a 5-8 record and 5.62 ERA with Sugar Land, making 13 starts in 31 appearances. Prior to 2019, he had not started a game since 2016, pitching out of the bullpen exclusively in 2017 and 2018.

    Read more at https://hpenews.com/news/14796/rockers-add-pitcher-purke/
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  2. Maybe, just maybe, he might have taken that offer out of high school. But what do I know.
  3. He still got a $4.15 million deal when drafted out of TCU so while losing some money probably could afford a new car
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  4. Didn't realize he ever made it to the show..........
  5. I’m not sure he actually lost money in the trade off. I’m pretty sure what people thought he was offered out of HS and what he could have actually signed for were a decent amount apart. I could be wrong but the Rangers we’re having ownership issues at the time and the commissioners office had stepped in to help out. I heard back then that MLB basically told them that as long as they were helping them meet payroll they weren’t overpaying any of their draft picks.
  6. and if I recall correctly he's happily married to a young tcu lass that he met while in ft worth.
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  7. Not to mention, he will always have the memories of being a huge part of the team that beat UT in the Super Regional and then went on to become the darlings of Omaha, where he pitched lights out and notched two wins for the good guys.
  8. Yeah looks like the Rangers had agreed to a $6MM deal but MLB wouldn't agree. Looks like he still got $4.15MM from the Nationals drafted out of TCU + around another $1MM from the White Sox when he made the show in 2016/17. Even as a 1st round pick out of high school the odds are stacked against you to even make the Big Leagues, who knows what would have happened especially since he ended up with injury trouble.

    Lot of what ifs in life, but he'll always be an MLB vet, millionaire in his 20s, with some great college memories and a wife out of the experience. Hard to say he made a bad choice.


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  9. no way he lost money really given what was going on with his signing bonus out of HS.

    When Nolan Ryan tells you to go to college - you go to college.
  10. TCU got so lucky the Rangers drafted Purke.
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