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  1. You’re about to see how it feels to have your undefeated season dismissed because of weak SOS courtesy of your DFW counterpart.
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  2. Hey, SMU. Will you be our rival? Please...
  3. Two new dumbasses to ignore.
  4. scheiss SMU.
  5. We’re having fun here, no?
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  6. Do you mean me? I am not new, sir! I've been dumbassing it up around here for quite a while!
  7. So all the sudden I’m a big jerk?
  8. It's all about the QB position. They have a great QB. We do not have a QB. There was no plan for a situation where Rogers would not be ready.
  9. Slow down, that's my role.
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  10. “You are a jerk and I don’t appreciate it.”
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  11. It looks like Rogers will never play. Very bad knee injury that also caused a very bad nerve injury.
  12. Please just beat Texas and Baylor. Please. I’m asking nicely
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  13. Yeah right.
  14. If SMU goes undefeated the Ponies will play in a New Year's Day game.
  15. Why is anyone still talking about SMU around here? Who gives a scheiss.
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  16. So? They are going to need to string together multiple seasons of not being mediocre to bad before I’m impressed.
  17. I doubt they care and I really don't care either. Just stating an opinion.
  18. He is absolutely telling you the truth. I'll vouch for slimely !
  19. Happy for the Ponies … it's been a long road and should have a sniff of success.
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  20. Is that supposed to be a coke joke?
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