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He can’t throw a ball in the friggin’ ocean.....

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by FrogByBirth, Nov 14, 2020.

  1. Has no clue we’re he’s throwing the football!!


    Offensive coaches should give back half their salaries!!!
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  2. Max is injured, somehow. No accuracy. This is not on the coaches.
  3. if he is injured, put in someone else who can make an accurate throw.
  4. the constant excuses some of you come up with for max are unbelievable.

    He’s not good. End of discussion. Teams have figured out he can’t throw and is basically operating the run-sack option
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    He has a bum shoulder. Throwing a football with that kind of velocity is a complex and difficult thing. When you are suffering from injury, the first thing to go is accuracy.

    If your QB is injured, then the Coaches ought to be able to assess the severity, and effects of the injury. If they were competent, they could figure out a Game Plan to take that into account. If they were INcompetent, they would design a pass-heavy Game Plan that depended on accuracy...
  6. Or RUN THE DAMN ball. Run it over and over again.
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  7. Just fire the coach who taught him to throw it 18 yards out of the back of the end zone, with a guy wide open in the middle of the end zone.
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  8. I'm not here to make excuses for Max. Whether he's injured or not he hasn't been good enough consistently enough throwing the ball so far in his career.

    But saying "He's not good. End of discussion" is so scheissing off base it's pathetic. Seriously, how short is your scheissing memory that you need to be reminded how Dalton and Boykin looked lost their first two seasons and then turned into great players in their next 2. Max is incredibly young and has shown that he has the ability. He looked absolutely terrific at times this year and last and then lost at others.

    I'm not saying he's going to be great. I have no scheissing clue what will happen in the future and neither do you. But if you watch our offense then you probably see lots of problems all over the place. Regardless of whether Max is terrible or is on the verge of winning the 2021 Heisman, the offense as a whole is terrible right now and goes way beyond who the QB is.
  9. Max may ultimately be a good college QB or not but trying to judge him in the middle of this [ #2020 ] show is a fools errand. Playing QB at the P5 level is difficult. It's impossible when every component of the offense around the QB is broken. He is playing in what is undoubtedly the most simplistic, juvenile, and uncreative offenses in the country and the offensive staff is so terrible that the players cannot routinely execute even these very basic and rudimentary concepts.
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  10. I want to believe that Duggan is injured, thus the completely bad throws. Unfortunately, we also saw this last year, and the excuse was he was a true freshman. So I guess we will have to wait another year to see who Max really is. Is he really a poor passer, or is he still learning. Next year should be the true answer. This "wait until next year" thing is getting old though.
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  11. We need to wait a year because....

    Has become a tired mantra.
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  12. Yah he may be injured, but he’s not shown a level of accuracy in college that makes me believe he’s actually injured right now.

    There was a night and day difference between these two QB’s today in their ability to throw a football accurately. One was on point, the other was overthrowing by 10-15 yards to wide open receivers.

    Offer up any amount of reasons for why, but some of these throws were literally awful.
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  13. The improvement we saw from SO Boykin to JR Boykin was drastic. I remember thinking we might be in trouble with him starting under center after his SO year. I couldn’t have been more wrong.
  14. I would agree except we lost to K St on a pick 6 by our back up QB.
  15. He can throw across the middle and to the left. It’s throws to his right he’s missing badly on. Not sure of the injury but it’s obvious
  16. pretty telling where the issue lies if a former Bowling Green QB looks head and shoulders better than a big-time recruit
  17. Max's problem is not related to an injury. He is just a plain inaccurate passer. Time to go in another direction if we had one.
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  18. this sums up what I was going to reply to @CountryFrog with.

    we are done waiting. No more chances for cumbie. If you’re complacent with this on the field product and delusional enough to think things will be different next year, then you’re also part of the problem
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  19. That would cost us our fade brain trust.
  20. He has a dinged throwing shoulder. It was an issue last week, and this week as well. If you look at his accuracy prior to then, it was pretty damned good.

    We have a bye coming up, so there's time to heal. Of course, I'm sure The Derp Brothers will have a Game Plan drawn up to run Max every down...
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