He’s coming home!

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  1. Let's give the man the respect and recognition he deserves by attending the game!

    I don't know what time the game is yet but be there!
  2. Always love LT!!!!
  3. Who? Sorry only been a fan since 2010

    Kidding. And Hell yes! I'll be at the game, can't wait to cheer for the GOAT Frog
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  4. So you saw the beginning and the end of Baylor football.
  5. I thought football started in 2010 with the coming of Our Lord and Savior Art Briles, and then ended after Pontius Pilot and the evil BoR crucified him?
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    Only after Herod Patterson grilled him and smacked his face. Pontius McCaw tried to give them Mulkey, but the BoR clamored, "We want Briles! Give us Briles!"
  7. Let's honor him by not committing five turnovers against Kansas for a change.
  8. Sorry, bruh. My tailgate is gonna be lit.

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