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  1. S-T reporting that 2 Kappa Sigs were arrested for making a pledge drink a handle of Tito’s and eat expired guacamole.

    No word on the condition of the pledges, so I assume they’re ok. Honestly, that and a Freebirds burrito was basically a typical college Saturday for me.
  2. A handle of Tito’s should kill you. Got damn, why do they do this??

    Edit: the expired guac made me laugh though.
  3. I got the story wrong. Made them bring a handle. Drank 15 shots or so. Still WAY too much, but not as bad.
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  4. 15 shots is a bad time... that's about it. I did that at a fraternity party and passed out in the front yard.
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  5. Pretty sure I passed out while taking a dump at an apartment party after 15 shots one time my junior year.
  6. 15 shots and I stumbled into a wall. Left a pretty damn big hole. The owners were not pleased
  7. Tito’s is good!!!
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  8. How the hell are college students affording Tito's?
  9. I always eat Guacamole with my Tito’s!
  10. Daddy's $
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  11. The redpots (a bonfire thing) in my dorm made the freshman line up at 4am and pass a rot gut whiskey bottle down the line several times until it was gone. Then they gave us axes and had us cut down trees in the hot sun all day. After it was over, they pulled twinkies out of their helmets (everybody wore WW2-era army helmet liners...don’t ask), where they’d been all day, and made us eat them. Frankly, vodka and guac doesn’t sound so bad.
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  12. Goes to show that frats these days are nothing but trash filled organized crime units that hide behind once a semester "philanthropy" to justify their existances and make themselves seem like good, well intended benevolent organizations

    When in reality frats are nothing but drug runners, drug using trash, rapists and sexual abusers. They get away with it for the most part due to their wealthy parental/family connections but every now and then something falls through the cracks like this.

    scheiss fraternities and anyone who is in them. Would never let my kids join one. Major drug problems and sexual abuse problems that is all enabled by wealthy donors.

    Frats = Drug users and drug peddlers
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  13. TCU is much fancier these days.
  14. Who hasn’t passed out sitting on the can?
  15. Seriously what is the point of hazing? To build "brotherhood"? So "brotherhood" can't be built through normal means that don't involve abuse? It has to be done by abusing pledges?

    Who the scheiss would want to be involved in a group that forces you to be abused in order to join?

    How much of a pathetic [ muschi ] do you have to be to tolerate abuse and hazing from people above you just so you can build "brotherhood" and fit in.

    Sounds like a bunch of [ muschi ] beta males who can't get friends the real way, so they put themselves through torment and abuse to get there instead.
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  16. A handle of Tito’s at a large Spec’s is $24.95
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  17. Same way they can afford Range Rovers and F250's.
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  18. This is one of the negatives for closed practices.
  19. I still put Gilbey’s in a Tito’s bottle and serve it.
  20. I passed out in a stall in Dallas Alley. Me and and bud meet some British gals at the piano bar and they had invited us back to their hotel room, but dumbazz me told them to wait a few as I made a trip to the restroom. That is when it all went wrong. Woke up in the stall after all the clubs had closed and my buddy couldn’t find me.

    I regret to this day that I missed out on the Brit experience. My friend wasn’t to happy either that I mucked that up for the both of us.

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