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Happy D-Day All Y'all

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by PhillyFrog, Jun 6, 2020.

  1. Thank you to the Greatest Generation.

  2. Are we still allowed to honor this day? Or will this also be culturally insensitive?
  3. Nah, we’re good. Just watched a D Day series, one segment showed Black GI’s contributions.
  4. A little cheesy for sure, but the movie the Longest Day is always a stop and watch for me.
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  5. Maybe not, seems some Brits think Churchill was a racist. smfh

  6. I’m sure they don’t know that he chose the Battle Hymn of The Republic to be played at his funeral. Yankee maybe, but hardly aligned with racism...
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  8. We have to observe things in context in their historical time. We are not condoning the wrongs but remembering the things done right that helped shape a country and the world.

    History is just that, history. It cannot be viewed on someone’s personal terms. History celebrates triumphs but also shows the wrongs and the mistakes made.
  9. Bravo!
  10. Yea, that's what I meant to say.
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  11. Hard agree.
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  12. I read this as few weeks ago. Definitely worth the time. I printed a copy my 16 year old son will read.
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  13. Sidebar: One of my uncles on my Dad's side was in a later echelon that hit the beach later in the day. He was a tank commander. Later died somewhere around Houffalize on the back end of the Bulge, and was buried somewhere around Nashville.

    One of my sisters made off with his Purple Heart and one of these days I'm going to burgle her house.
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  14. Since we're talking about Winnie, I thought this second-hand blurb from Maureen Dowd was relevant. I admire a nice turn of phrase, without regard to political argle-bargle:

    (When Kayleigh McEnany had the temerity to compare Trump to Churchill, one lawyer I know dryly noted: “We shall fight them on the golf courses; we shall fight them on Twitter; we shall fight them at Mar-a-Lago.”)
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    Sadly, we are quickly approaching a time when there will be no WWII vets left. Even the very youngest of them are in the their mid 90s now.
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  17. This generation wants to completely erase history and all of it's monuments instead of looking at history as a tool to remember the wrongs of our passed and learn from them.

    This is way I don't believe in tearing down monuments. We need those to always remember where we came from, to do better as a society, be better human beings, and to never make those mistakes again. If you keep erasing history, you are bound to make those same mistakes again. As the saying goes, "History has a way of repeating itself. "

    I'm sure somehow, though, this a racist view.
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