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Great Hit Job on Big 12 In Sports Illustrated

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Hoosierfrog, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Apparently Texas can't produce huge linemen (seem to give GP credit for going out of state?!?). They seem to base all of their low grades or much of it because of fewer NFL draftees than AAC and hating on low defensive and high offensive stats. All this while while not understanding our Ds play twice the snaps, we recruit to win the conference first, how TCUs recruiting may have flourished had we not been screwed by The Committee (and yet beating a team soundly in the Peach Bowl that beat SEC god Bama). And by the way, they inexplicably have two Big 12 top 10 picks, 5 overall top 25 and pick OState to be in the final 4!


    (No online link, I could find-you actually have to read paper and print)
  2. SI is an East Coast rag, and a shadow of what it once was. It's not even absorbent enough to go under the parrot...
  3. I know, it just rolls right off that glossy paper...

    Yeah, were talking SI right?
  4. Until the Big 12 makes the playoff more often than it doesn't and wins more major OOC and Bowl games, we're going to get the same press.

    We understand the reality of the situation - that our offenses require our defenses to take a lot more snaps, that we only have 10 teams while everyone else has 12-15 and they're not adjusting stats to a per team basis, that we have slacker members that aren't playing anyone OOC and that's holding our P5 win% down, that we have good but tough bowl deals - a lot of which are with the SEC that gets to hand pick the matchups under their bowl rules.

    But that sounds like excuses. Our teams are going to have to win to change the press. The narrative is stuck until we start winning
  5. They have other material besides the sports illustrated swimsuit issue? Hmmm... I think they should stick to what they are good at.
  6. I know, that's how I stumbled across the crappy sports story. They keep sending me this crappy sports mag after the only worthwhile thing they put out in February whether you want or not?!?
  7. Easy way to fix your issues with SI
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  8. It's hard to get a team in the playoffs when they have preordained only a few worthy schools especially when one of the best teams in recent years is considered one of the sullied majority unworthy of the call...
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  9. Oh, and we have on player in their top 100 (Howard 59th) tied with Iowa State, KU and...Middle Tennessee...
  10. Let it go.

    Yeah, 2014 sucked. 4 spots for 6 teams sucked, and our schedule blew up at the end of the year. Whether you believe it was SOS or the tinfoil conspiracy theory doesn't really matter, because that's not the only year. That doesn't explain 2015 when the Big 12 got demolished, or 2016 when our champion had two losses including G5 Houston. Whatever you want to believe about 2014, that's not the only reason people talk about the Big 12 being down.

    But whatever, it's cyclical. The ACC went from the weakest to two national titles in 4 years. If we as a conference start winning OOC matchups and big bowl games (on the whole as a conferences, not just TCU) then we'll be fine.
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  11. Everyone thought the ACC was awful just a few years ago. Then all of a sudden they get two really good teams rolling and everything's good with them. The rest of the conference is still not very good.

    Public perception changes very quickly. It's all about what have you done for me lately.
  12. So the Big 12 solicited proposals from several other schools for expansion then says, "never mind", schedules a championship game without divisions, and in a conference where everybody plays each other. Has no spine to discipline (or kick out) vile offender Baylor.

    Yea, the conference pretty much sucks.....
  13. So, back to the Mountain West?
  14. This is pretty much it. let's ride it out until this thing blows up in 2024
  15. No. We should just bend over and take the money, like we're doing.
  16. I'll let it go when there is an even playing field. We were told Ohio State got in because they one s conference championship game the year we got hosed. Okay. But then last year Ohio State gets in and didn't even qualify.

    I think I'll continue to opt to have an opinion And not tell people they can't voice theirs.
  17. I can't believe we're still talking about this. That's not what we were told. That's what the Big 12 chose to hear, and over-reacted as a result. We heard "they won a conference title game" and didn't put the pieces together. We cargo cult scienced ourselves thinking it was the game itself, rather than the overall record (including that game), that mattered.

    What we were told was that overall record among P5 teams was important (hence FSU), but in a tie situation an outright conference title, a 13th game, and an overall SOS were valuable tools in breaking that tie. Ohio State had all three over both TCU and Baylor.

    Two years later, when the situation was entirely different and there wasn't a tie, they weren't as important as overall record. And again, that same year the Big 12 was left out again, only this time they weren't "screwed" by any reasonable definition.
  18. No one is making you talk about anything. In case you haven't figured out what fan boards are all about, this it.
  19. I'll just leave this here...


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