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Good Job PAC12


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New commissioner. Got him from MGM Resorts. Prior to that was on the WNBA Board of Governors, BetMGM and Cirque du Soliel.

Sounds like a real football man.


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Last guy was commissioner of women's tennis or something like that. Larry Scott, soaked them for $5mil/yr salary and mucked up their TV deal.

These idiots tried their best not to play football last season. They deserve what they're gonna get.


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That's a mighty thin resume, but, he's running the PAC. Who cares? If ever there was a Dead Conference Walking, it's that one.

Probably a good thing that a former Food and Beverage guy would be in charge of a Conference about to be devoured. "Would you like some maple syrup with Washington? Some lovely raspberry coulis with USC?"


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PAC has some good schools and FB teams. Not sure why they would not be top of the heap. I feel like there are so many things they could do to put themselves in a far better position.