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Gonna be a lot of physical therapy...

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Frognosticator, Sep 27, 2020.

  1. for all the knees that have been jerked on this board.

    Good grief, what a bunch of sad whiners. We lose a game by 3 to a team that was embarrassed, motivated, and most importantly, had a game under it's belt.

    Was everything perfect? No. It never is. But to read the crap on this board, you'd think we were the worst team in the nation.

    Some of you need to simply stop watching college football. You'd be less miserable.
  2. I agree in that Iowa State has been better than many have given them credit for and that we could improve alot this year, but this was a sad/bad loss.. A loss to Texas could put us in a really bad place.
  3. Have you rewritten this post the last three years or just cut and paste?
  4. The first game back, the improvements that should have happened were glaring, and Covid make every grumpy.
  5. I don't know. Does the post hurt your feelings?
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  6. We have consistently recruited the third best recruiting class in the big 12 yet we have bottom half results the past few years. Looks like more of the same this year. Iowa state has become a consistently better program than us. That is the problem.

    It is not that we lost one game, it is that we are now a worse overall football program than Iowa state,Oklahoma state, Baylor, oklahoma, and texas. We are at this point a bottom half program in the big 12.

    fans thought this year would be different, but after one week it is pretty easy to see that it won’t be.
  7. nailed it
  8. I’m not the “sky is falling” type of fan, but saying “we lost one game” isn’t really a good explanation for us being 12 and 15 since having a competitive team in 2017.
    Beat Texas!
  9. Yes.

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