Glass Half Full Thoughts After that nut kick...

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    • We get an opponent in A&M that burned through their two best arms, though I think we all believe Hill will be available.
    • We have four starters so we can climb our way back. Liked getting Lodolo one inning. You are probably gonna see Traver after Howard (if we win Tuesday), and then Lodolo. Gave him a stress free introduction to Omaha, and its been a while since he's thrown in a game. He could even start Thursday instead of Traver.
    • We know we are one of the weaker hitting teams there, but I don't see us getting thrown out that foolishly on the bases three times again.
    • If we somehow get back to JJ, we know he's got better. And hopefully an umpire who will give him the low strike.
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  1. We didn't K 44.5% of the time.
  2. Bad draw faced a buzz saw....not sure if we can get by Aggie much less loser of Lville/UF.....
  3. That original post was longer than I thought it would be. Kudos for that.
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  4. Tuesday: Howard vs A&M
    Thursday: Traver vs Florida
    Friday: Lodolo vs Louisville
    Saturday: Janczak vs Louisville

    Monday: Howard vs Oregon State
    Tuesday: Traver for the championship

  5. Some guys just have to perform. Wade hasn't hit anything for weeks, Humphreys is often a blackhole (his AB with bases loaded changed the game), Skoug has too much boom or bust going on right now, Watson is blind, and the other guys are hit or miss.

    Skoug, Warner and Barz are the only guys I have much hope in right now.

    Looks like a tough road to avoid another Omaha disappointment. Fortunately we have three legit starters remaining, very uncommon.
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  6. Agree to disagree here...
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  7. He looked like a blind bat tonight, but his bat has been solid in regionals and supers.
  8. Similar to Watson, IMO. Both showed signs of life post-season but reverted to their previous 40-game selves tonight.
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  9. I thought the glass half full post would at least mention our bull pen. We had three guys come in and pitch very well the back half of that ball game and none of them were named Wymer or Feltman.) Who would have thought the pen would have been our strongest piece?
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  10. Well like I said In the other thread - we were fortunate during regionals and supers and really never saw a rested ace except the against #4 seed in game 1 of regional

    Even MSUs threw on a day short rest after being abused the previous weekend

    We might get lucky against Aggy and face their 3 but if we survive we will see a lot of rested studs from here on out

    We are gonna have to hit better than we have against strong starters to get anywhere and stop hoping to chase them by the 6th
  11. I think our general game plan can still work, but you can't strike out on four pitches. Have to stretch bats to 5-6 pitches so that the starter is out of there by end of 6th inning, early 7th at worst.

    That being said, I would love for us to actually score runs prior to the 7th inning.
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  12. Have we ever lost the first game of the CWS?
  13. Yes. The game was on 6/18/2017. I believe we were playing the Gators if my memory serves.
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  14. Pretty sure this is the first time.
  15. Nope.
  16. Never Ever Give Up

    One of my TCU baseball heros taught me that. I'm sure our team remembers. Seems like some on here may have forgotten.
  17. Come on now. You've tried to work every little negative angle you can find about our team this season, and it seems like you're reaching for criticism at times since you made the "we're average" comment. We've faced plenty of good pitching this season (obviously not a lot of top 15 (or 18?) picks) and have won a lot of games. We're not a team that rips the cover off the ball so we have to create a lot of runs, which we've routinely done and had opportunities to do again tonight. We just ran into an incredibly talented guy that was able to not let us capitalize like we usually do. I'm betting that our approach will get us past the Aggies and we'll be at least one of the last six teams standing. Like I said, we just ran into a buzzsaw tonight.
  18. So other than blowing smoke up your own ass - do you know anything about baseball?

    Why don't you go back and look at how we did against the top 30 pitchers we faced this year

    Not the final score - how we did while those pitchers were in the game.

    I will help you out - to start we hit almost .100 points below our team average and scored less than 1/3rd of our runs despite the fact that those guys threw over half the innings.

    While everyone struggles against solid pitching we made it a habit more so than is healthy

    Like Pharm has said - if a starter doesn't walk us to the tune of 5+ we don't do well against them and seem to wait until the reliever comes in to try and score
  19. So those starters pitched over half the innings in those games, eh? Get out of town! What a crazy stat!

    What about the rest of the game? We get no credit for working counts and chasing those guys, getting into their bullpens and winning those games?

    Ok, man. I guess you're right that we're average because we don't routinely shell top 30 pitching and got shut down by the 18th overall pick.
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