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Gil Brandt: Top OL in the 2020 draft

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, May 17, 2019.

  1. And maybe start a trend as DT U!
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  2. We have good players, that's for sure. Who is responsible for our OL? Mainly, the ones that have been drafted\signed and made a contribution to their NFL teams? Has it been one coach? If so, he deserves a huge raise!
  3. ironically, some of those offensive linemen played for a coach who is the subject of a great deal of scorn and ridicule
  4. Well...Considering OU Just has 4 drafted in one draft...We might have a ways to go
  5. You done it now
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  6. what else is new
  7. Our problem seems to be OL recruiting more than OL coaching. We’ve had a lot of great linemen but rarely more than one at a time. Our guys do typically develop a lot between seasons and we are really good in pass protection ... just not good at run blocking. I think that is due more to scheme than anything else.
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  8. i think this is a great point and one that really came to focus this past year when there was an absence of upper classmen in the interior offensive line.

    another point is the offensive line requires more coordination than any other unit on the field. individual talent can be identified, individual talent can be developed, but run scheme, pass protection as a unit, communication within the group, and getting those five guys to work together is critical.

    you can excel in those first two areas as offensive line coach, but if you can't get the group to work together things break down quickly.

    similar to discussion on cumbie developing quarterback talent. that skill set is apart from offensive scheme design and play calling.
  9. This isn’t just a problem in OL...You could ascribe this to virtually every spot on our team..What people never mention in the starzie conversation is that one of the reasons a players is rated higher then another by recruiting services isn’t just his physical ceiling but his projected ability to contribute earlier in his career. When you have to wait until a kid is a junior or senior before he can contribute at a high level, you always have 2-3 years of development time..That’s why its meaningful to recruit better and despite the narrative around here, stars do matter. They may not be able to project success but they can project if a kid has the physical tools to compete early.
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