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Gary - We are sick of losing!

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Smooth42, Sep 26, 2020.

  1. Figure this out and right the ship! This team is way too talented to look and play this bad... again.

    We don't want to sit through another losing season.

    -Frog Nation
  2. We have talent everywhere except OT and DE which is what cost us today.
  3. We have 1 winning big 12 record in the last 5 seasons
  4. Do we have to many offensive coordinators. Do we need four of these idiots to determine that a 5 star running back that would have started for almost any team in the nation has to ride the bench on a losing lousy team. Hard to make this stuff up
  5. Evans may not be up to speed. Just because he is a 5 star doesn’t mean he is ready for big time college football. That being said, you point is still 100% valid! Barlow and Foster should get way more carries than Demarcado. Not to mention Brooks shining in limited action for LSU and then only getting like 4 plays yesterday.
    Two of which were very disruptive!
  6. I agree Evans may not be up to speed on blocking assignments etc. But I do know he can run: so give him the ball on a running play and see what he can do. At least once in a game.
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  7. Blocking assignment? Ha! He threw as many effective blocks yesterday as a senior RB did all of last year.
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  8. Very important to get this message out there. Gary has probably been under the impression that fans love losing games.
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  9. I think Gary enjoys losing more than most people on this board.

    According to some, losing is more enjoyable to him than playing guitar
  10. We looked like last years team only Duggin looks like an experienced sophmore- future bright! We play to win today!
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  11. not sure it is a matter of gary okay with losing as much as not willing to to make significant changes to his staff

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