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GameDay Thread: TCU vs Oklahoma

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by NathanRoman, Oct 24, 2020.

  1. Sloppy and we suck. Good looking out GP.
  2. 2nd and 14

    Pass is complete to Johnston for 12 yds
  3. I almost wish they would have blanked us.

    This offensive staff is blanking ridiculous. The fact Anderson isn't fired on the spot after this game, is beyond me?
  4. Freaking Auburn, man.
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  5. Can we petition the ncaa to have our players lose a year of eligibility please?
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  6. (It doesn’t matter)
  7. 3rd and 2

    Miller rushes up the middle and is inches short
  8. Not much has changed in three years with this program. TCU needs to take a hard look at everything with this program including the head coach
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  9. Hahahahahahaha of course we are punting.
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  10. And Patterson quits
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  11. Well, get used to how the empty stadium looks. It’s about to look like that all the time. Good job Patterson. Never saw a coach build a program and tear it down. Interesting.
  12. 4th and inches

    TCU punt is caught at the 40 with a fair catch
  13. Somebody tell fatman we are down 23 in the 4th.
    Dude just gave up.
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  14. If you punt there, you don’t care about winning. Just limiting their points.

    scheiss you GP.
  15. Like usual.
  16. Frogs give up. What a scheissing joke.
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  17. 235 yds of offense.
  18. McElroy surprised we were punting there....apparently he’s never seen a GP game up close before.

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