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Gameday Thread: TCU at Texas

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Horny4TCU, Oct 3, 2020.

  1. Looked to me like he had it if he wanted it.
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  2. May be I am wrong(never assume I’m right), but on 3rd and long today, we have bull rushed. Now we do stunt on other downs. We may slant a gap, but we are putting any pressure on the offensive linemen. And it may be that the other lines are actually competent, so they pick it up before any twist happens. Our o line just lets guys run through.
  3. Better try from this far out. Inside 20 is guaranteed FG
  4. You have to actually have a special teams coach before you can fire the special teams coach.
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  5. Great field position. Trust your RBs this drive. Online, BLOCK. UT defense expects Duggan to run or throw a screen in this situation
  6. Ugly win better than close loss!! It wasn’t over when the Italians bombed pearl harbour not over now!
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  7. Such a stupid play call.
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  8. Thats an awesome catch by Johnston.
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  9. Get in FG range boys
  10. That was an awful spot on the Johnston catch.
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  11. Gary gonna play for ot. Watch
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  12. Touchdown or bust!
  13. Score a TD here and pick Sam off.
  14. I like JD Speilman (?) returning punts. I do not like so many fly sweeps!
  15. Need a touchdown with no time on the clock.
  16. MAD [ profanity ] MAX!!!!!!!
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  17. Td wow Dugan!!!!
  18. Thank god.
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  19. If we score to go ahead, how many have faith that the D can hold?
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