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FWST: TCU will be lucky to earn bowl eligibility in a season when upperclassmen have flopped

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Oct 20, 2019.

  1. Yes,Song has done a phenomenal job. It also points to another Coach Patterson failure for refusing to play him. These errors, he must accept responsibility for, as well.
  2. I chuckle at all the ones on here that hate M.Engle for his so called negative hit pieces on TCU, then turn around and post the same non-sense on here that he himself could have written.
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  3. Apologies...losing to SMU, Iowa State, KSU six games in with our most talented team in 4 years is reason for my purple shades. Tell me more oh wise one.
  4. Getting the Frogs to a bowl game would be a miracle even Ann Sullivan couldn't pull off.
  5. Most talented on paper maybe. On the field not so much.
  6. It maybe better that we miss a bowl game so maybe we see change.

    For TCU, a bowl game shouldn't be a goal, getting to the conference championship should be.
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  7. Collins … his only series, a touchdown drive, included a 1 for 1 20 yard perfect strike to keep the drive alive, and a finishing 5-10 yard touchdown run. His only series in 2019.
  8. Most talented is completely arbitrary.
  9. Muck got one thing right; the seniors on this team aren't leading. The team has a ton of NFL talent that isn't playing up to potential. You would think that a TCU team that had NFL talent like Ross Blacklock, Jaelen Reagor, Luccas Niang, Darius Anderson, Innis Gaines, Jeff Gladney, Julius Lewis, Vernon Scott, and Sewo Olonilua could win some games but that is not the case.

    Said it before, the coaches can't get these guys organized.

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