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FWST: TCU unravels with 5 errors in loss to Lamar in final home game, tuneup for Texas Tech

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, May 15, 2019.

  1. TCU unravels with 5 errors in loss to Lamar in final home game, tuneup for Texas Tech

    By Darren Lauber

    The TCU baseball team’s performance against Lamar on Tuesday night was not quite the tuneup for the Texas Tech series and the Big 12 Tournament that Horned Frogs coach Jim Schlossnagle was hoping for.

    Three errors in the first four innings put the Horned Frogs in a hole and TCU dropped the final home game of the season to Lamar 10-5 in a nonconference matcup at Lupton Stadium.

    Schlossnagle was ejected with two outs in the top of the eighth inning for arguing about the strike zone.

    Read more here: https://www.star-telegram.com/sport...niversity/article230351639.html#storylink=cpy
  2. Glad I was busy and missed the game.
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  3. Texas Tech can hardly wait.
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  4. 3rd and 2nd base defense this year maybe the worst ever in the Schloss era. Coach seems very high on this recruiting class coming. Hopefully over 80% of them arrive in Forr Worth next Fall. Sucks to see TCU baseball like this. This team was also desperately missing a couple players that were more vocal leaders out on the field like Brian Howard and Evan Skoug.
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  5. When your pitchers are throwing in-game batting practice....your fielding likely gets compromised.
  6. I really hope we aren’t making those errors in practice either.
  7. I wonder if we set the TCU record for most errors this year?
  8. Can't even beat Lamar at home SMH

    Bench everyone
  9. Who made the errors?
  10. The all time record for number of errors in a year is held by Christopher Duntsch, M.D.
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  11. Not even close
  12. 3rd base was worse last year.
  13. JJ, Shepherd, Isola, Oviedo, and Henry. Equal opportunity infield suckage and Hump tried to join the club but got bailed out by Shep
  14. Isola and Shepard made errors on very easy basic plays. Like throwing and catching a baseball.
  15. “Tuneup”
  16. Probably 10 games ago....I'm being serious.
  17. Dr. Death

    One of the craziest, most sickening stories of all time.
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  18. see, we think differently....when i hear dr death i immediately think


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  19. no - he failed also - although he is shorter than Shep - he still should have take a step back on that softball slap grounder that went off the top of his glove. Our scorer just counted it as a hit per usual easy scoring.

    Not terrible since he is not a 3rd baseman historically - but someone that is would have stepped back on the big bounce before charging if needed
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