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FWST: TCU sending more players to the NFL Combine than any other Texas-based college

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Feb 8, 2020.

  1. TCU sending more players to the NFL Combine than any other Texas-based college

    By Drew Davison

    TCU football went 5-7 last season, falling short of bowl eligibility for just the third time in the Gary Patterson era.

    But the Horned Frogs had plenty of talent on the roster, evident by seven players receiving invites to the NFL Scouting Combine later this month at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

    Wide receiver Jalen Reagor, running backs Sewo Olonilua and Darius Anderson, offensive linemen Cordel Iwuagwu and Lucas Niang, defensive tackle Ross Blacklock and cornerback Jeff Gladney are all headed to Indianapolis.

    Read more here: https://www.star-telegram.com/sport...niversity/article240094603.html#storylink=cpy
  2. One would think with this kind of talent that's being invited to the NFL camp, that surely TCU's season record would have been a lot better than it was, especially with all the other talent on the team also. Either some poor coaching and/or the coaching staff couldn't get this team to play together as a cohesive unit/s.
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  3. One would, wouldn't one?
  4. Look no further than lack of experience at key offensive positions.
    Also a lack of overall quality depth.
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  5. not just on the offensive side. frogs started 2019 struggling at defensive end and the second linebacker position.

    mix in poor execution in the passing game throughout the season, issues in the offensive line in the second half of the season, and some confusing coaching decisions and you have the recipe for a disappointing season
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  6. The defensive end/linebacker position was far far better in the 2nd half of the season. Actual improvement. Iowa State went in dry against those two positions in the 2nd half of our game with them for reference.

    Unlike the offense where there was little improvement as the season went on
  7. Low bar really - B12 had the least total players invited of all the P5 by a good margin
  8. 5-7, that is all that matters. The fact that they are talented and somehow our coaches can’t bring them together is a poor reflection on our coaches and our football program in general. That being said we were very close to being a 10 win team this year which gives me a lot of hope but we obviously just lost a ton of talent.
  9. State of Texas does not equal Big 12
  10. Usually the Aggies have a lot of guys too, and they suck
  11. This is very often true
  12. I say butterfingered receivers were the main culprit.
  13. TCU lost several very close games.

    Certainly, that’s not the only reason for 5-7, but it can’t be completely overlooked, either.

    Go Frogs!
  14. Unfortunately, this has been a theme in 3 of the last 4 years. At a certain point losing is just losing and how close those losses are doesn't mean much.
  15. Nothing better than losing close games you should have won by 20.

    Ain't win by one great?!
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  16. [ What the heck? ] is a “Texas-based college”?
  17. I’m not an analytics guy but I enjoy reading about it and pretty much the data will tell you that winning teams throw the ball more than losing teams and they gamble on 4th down more often in the middle field (your 40 to their 40). A pass heavy offense certainly doesn’t mean your going to win as balance is still important. But we know a run heavy offense is asking to get beat. The win by 1 mentality is an invitation to take games into the 4th Q and anything can happen at that point. It’s not a play to win, it’s a play not to lose. I’d rather take a 2 score lead into the 4th any day over trading points or hoping the other team makes a mistake. It’s not smart modern day football.
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  18. Run-heavy offenses are probably better to beat the really, really good teams because it will shorten games and the fewer possessions in those, the better it is for the "less talented" team. On the other hand, you'll probably have some games against lesser competition that are a little too close for comfort for those same reasons.
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  19. Yep, I hate the "if x player had made x catch we'd have won the game" type argument when you end up losing by 3 points. Unless it's like the very last play of the game or something. Teams play you a certain way based on time/score situations, just because you lose by less than a score doesn't mean you lost the game by "one play".
  20. So, somehow the NFL deems the guys until recently on our roster as worthy of The Combine. More than any other program in the State. How is it that, with so much individual talent, as a team, we couldn't get out of our own way? The peaks and valleys cannot be that stark.

    To this interested observer, it is just another data point illustrating that we are saddled with a set of coaches that cannot properly utilize the talent they have. It's just that simple. The demoralizing aspect of this is that while even Stevie Wonder can see that Sonny Cumbie should have found his crap packed in a box and set out on the curb about 10 minutes after the SMU debacle, we get to look at his feeble, sloppy, utterly unprepared garbage for one more season. GMFP's 20th season. A season that marks a real turning point in a lot of respects...

    I know, I know: Beating a thoroughly dead horse. It is damned hard, however, to "look forward" to next season knowing what we have to look forward to.
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