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FWST: Sonny Dykes has two QB options for TCU football, but he’s still looking for a starter


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Your point stands although It likely won't be a decision based on previous experience. If Sonny worked like that he wouldn't have rolled with a Freshman in Goff at CAL. I think Max is plenty capable of winning the job but he had better bring his "A" game to fall camp. This holding the ball to long and missing wide open WRs isn't going to fly under Sonny. I can tell you Morris is going to give him a fall camp fight.

Agreed. And I keep seeing everyone talk about Max’s experience and how he’s been a starter and how that should help and whatnot. That makes it worse to me.

I mean it speaks loud volumes to me that he hasn’t already been named starter. It’s almost as if they already know the answer but are just reluctant to really announce anything given what Max has done and means to this fanbase.

If Max does indeed win the starting job, he needs to show some vast improvement this fall for sure. All that said, he’s the guy I want with me in a foxhole for sure.