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FWST: Another sign Shawn Robinson is TCU's guy? He's coming to Big 12 Media Day

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. Also, GP apparently feels that SR can hold his own in front of the media. I can't remember the others being interviewed, but Banogu is certainly one to represent the university. Last year I was impressed by his maturity and command of the English language.

    Don't see Rogers being in the mix. I would hate to throw a true Freshman a year from an ACL injury into the blender of college football. Robinson and Collins would really have to stink or both be injured before I would consider that. Maybe play him a few plays late in the year to know what the game is like...a good use of the new redshirt eligibility rule. But only if he is truly healed from the injury.
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  2. Robinson must be extremely mature for GP to send him. I can't remember a true sophomore ever going to any media days. It's almost always 4th and 5th year players.
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  3. From all interviews(mainly high school) I've seen,SR is a super likable kid with a big smile and a very positive attitude. He's great for this event imo.
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  4. I don’t think GP would send anyone he didn’t think was a leader. Speaks volumes about SR.
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  5. He’ll be great. I think he’s going to have a terrific season.
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  6. Straight-up nails throw at the 58:00-ish mark.

    Love to see this against the Ohio State Forkeyes.

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  7. Great throw! College is a different level. Hopefully this a view of things to come. We shall see! Go Frogs!
  8. I know you guys might think this is ambitious thinking BUT, SR is a big dude. Built. Cam Newton style. I would be very excited to see him turn into that kind of player. And yes, I know he ain’t as tall as Cam, but the dude is built and one tough MFer. As long as he doesn’t take stupid risks, he’s gonna be fun to watch.
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  9. Thinking the option run with he and Sewo coming around the corner... I wouldn’t want to be the defensive player tasked with stuffing that play.
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  10. Agreed! And with Anderson back RT have a quick ass RB position (not to mention the new kids on the block).
  11. I just remember the stiff arm he gave to some Tech defender that had me rolling.
  12. He isn't into social media very much.

    That in itself is impressive.
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  13. Gonna be a fun year for Cumbie on O, no doubt
  14. Exactly why I’m so excited to see Sewo on the list, too. Shows that he’s considered a leader, which is a great sign after spending most of last year in the doghouse.
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  15. Tech game was an ugly game due to conditions but SR threw some nice deep balls considering. Can’t wait to see this offense open up.
  16. This exactly, LisaLT!! SR is going to light it up, and when he needs to, he will run over people like Cam. He’ll just be more likeable doing it.
    BEAT tosu!
    Spit Blood~~<~<and scheiss baylor!!
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  17. Physics is the same regardless of league.

    That was no Hail Mary kind of throw.

    It was a Hail Mofo throw.
  18. Just need OL to be competent and give DA, Sewo and SR some lanes to run and give Reagor a few moments to get deep
  19. There is a photo floating around of SR next to some other players at the state championship game, all in street clothes. He looked like a very grown man among very young children
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