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FW parents and Prop Tax Payers

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Dogfrog, Jul 29, 2021.

  1. bigger concern to me after reading that article is how long until tea comes in and starts talking about taking over control of the district if that many students are behind and at risk of dropping out of school?

    hisd has been in that position for a few years and still is scheissed up, disd is a trainwreck and now fwisd?
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  2. The concern is how do they justify spending that money on anything other than improving student proficiency? It appears they more or less hid this back in 2016 under the heading of equity training before the term equity was a thing (at least to me). Now they pay somebody $200k to lead this effort. If somebody wants to consider that amount of money trivial, fine.
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  3. So they aren't happy w student progress so they are going to spend more time and money telling everyone how racist whites are? I'm sure that will solve everything. As a Fort Worth home owner this pisses me off. Sooner or later TAD is going to force me out of my home because the taxes are insane.
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  4. Who cares what some lady from Rhode Island thinks that was a school teacher for just 10 years about a district that needs to do something
  5. no one said trivial, but i think the bigger issue is that for a district with an operating budget of more than $500M how in the world are your students falling behind that much to the point you have a high number of potential drop outs who are going to earn significantly less in their lifetime
  6. What I would like to know, regardless the $ spend, how much emphasis and time is being spent on this by teachers vs what the students are there for? They could spend .04% of their budget on it and 10% of their time
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  7. tough to say for most of us. i know talking to people who i know who teach they talk about the amount of time during a period, a semester, a year that gets eaten up by a variety for a variety of reasons and not just teaching something such as crt

    the other challenge that has gotten bigger and bigger i am told is the lack of help from home in terms of making sure kids are getting their work done, parents being involved, etc...
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    The only way for the homeowners in the city to get relief is to have more business in the city that offer good paying jobs instead of low paying jobs. Too much focus on warehouse jobs and travel jobs which people cannot afford housing and live in apartments. Thus, the homeowners get an ever larger share of the tax burden over businesses. The way to get good paying jobs is a workforce that is educated and not forced to drive to Dallas or Collin county to find a job to support ownership.

    Over the past 20yrs our property tax burden has disproportionally shifted to residential properties:

    Fort Worth property tax burden:

    2001: 55% commercial vs 45% residential

    2011: 45% commercial vs 55% residential

    2021: 35% commercial vs 65% residential
  9. This is why I moved away from Fort Worth. The jobs that paid more were always in the Dallas area.

    Ironically, I'm now fully remote, but I'm still hesitant to move back in case I ever have to go back into the office.
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  10. Is that really “the only way”?
  11. That's eye opening.
  12. Ratios are one thing. Value for dollar spent is another. Is FTWISD spending more or less today to produce an uneducated workforce?
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  13. Obviously the issue is complex, but there's definitely a culture problem.

    I taught at an after school program for a bit at a middle school in Fort Worth, and you knew which kids you couldn't discipline because the parents were a bigger problem than the kids.

    There was a 7th grader that I'm almost positive was dealing drugs (and I know stole my wallet), and the parents attitude when you called was always, "Why are you wasting my time?"

    I went to a poorer public school (I believe 50% were on free or reduced lunch), but we had IB and AP classes. Even though those classes were open to everyone, the vast majority of my classmates were white. When I took non-AP classes that everyone had to take, a good portion of the regular students never paid attention.

    I don't know what the answer is, but it's hard to help someone who won't help themselves.
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    Well of course it isn't the only way, but it is a huge start.

    What is your solution?
  15. How many of you owned commercial real estate in a City? The tax burden is hardly insignificant... A lot of manufacturing has left the country for this reason, or moved out to the sticks where the tax burden and regulatory burden is less.

    The increasing tax burden on residential likely has to do with density of residential building in the last 30 years, condos and apartments and the like. What used to be single-family dwellings are now planted thick with multi-family.

    Whatever the tax burden, spending it on racist claptrap instead of teaching kids math, science, reading, and reasoning is just how Schools roll these days. Vote them all out.
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  16. I don’t think there’s a single way but personally I’d stop funding schools that fail to educate students. Otherwise it doesn’t matter what ratio you get to.
  17. Fine, let’s just remember that if those good paying businesses are attracted with property tax waivers that burden will keep shifting.
  18. I saw an ad for Fort Worth ISD come up on the TV at the Fort Worth area gym I was at today, during the Olympic broadcast. Why is FWISD spending so much money on Olympic ad buys to convince people in the area to enroll? My guess is they are hemorrhaging students as more parents decide to go the home school or private route.

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