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Future Odds as of 10/7

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by LVH, Oct 7, 2020.

  1. Currently favored the rest of the way until the finale

    vs Kansas State -10

    vs Oklahoma -1

    at Baylor PK

    vs Texas Tech -17

    at West Virginia -2

    at Kansas -27

    vs Oklahoma State +3.5

    Hypothetical Iowa State neutral site rematch: We would be favored by 3
  2. Damn! The bookies like us!
  3. I love my Horned Frogs, but...some of those odds? Dunno...I think it's 'way early to take seriously anything beyond KSU.
  4. I don't think they love us or hate us...they're just generating some vig...
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  5. TCU -27 at Kansas, should send gamblers running to their bookmakers. TCU never seems to play well in Lawrence. Here are the results of the Frogs playing at Kansas since they joined the Big12.

    '12- TCU 20 KU 6
    '14- TCU 34 KU 30
    '16- TCU 24 KU 23
    '18- KU 27 TCU 26
  6. I wouldnt touch that Oklahoma line. They own us like we own Texas. I don't care how down they are this year.
  7. Interesting early lines
    -Riley has owned GP and I can't imagine a Frog fan wouldn't take OU +1.
    -WVU has a top 3 defense in the league and we have to go to Morgantown.
    -That KSt line would be in the -3.5 / -4 range if a healthy Thompson was a known go
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  8. Baylor is the strangest one to me especially with us being -1 against OU
  9. Bingo. They'll give up infinity yards and points to every other team, and then against us become the 86 Bears and we'll score 10.
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  10. I would put some cash on ou upset in that scenario and if we win, I’d be more happy about the W than losing the bet. Win-win
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  11. I hate it when we play at Kansas. Something bad always happens at Kansas besides the close games.
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  12. -10 ?
    I wouldn’t bet the frogs with that line. I think we win a close one. They’ve won two in a row and with our OLine I hope we can hold on as long as we can.
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