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Fury vs Schwarz

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by SuperTFrog, Jun 15, 2019.

  1. Anyone got a link for this fight?
  2. I don't follow boxing anymore really, so why is this a big fight? The odds I saw were terribly lopsided, no?
  3. I grew up watching boxing and then stopped watching for about 20 years. About 5 years ago my buddy convinced me to fly to Vegas for Pacqiau vs Bradley and I got hooked again.

    The heavy weight division was ruined for a decade with Klitscho ruling for a decade. Things have gotten interesting with a lot of uncertainty as to who is the best in the division. Big rematch is coming between Wilder and Fury. Will be worth following even for the casual fan.
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  4. I know next to nothing about boxing but I did see a picture of these two recently and lost interest immediately.
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  5. Periscope hasn’t failed me for boxing in the past. UFC stays on top of things a lot more than boxing does
  6. As suspected, Fury destroyed the dude. And came out in an Apollo Creed “Living in America” red white and blue robe and top hat!

    And he’s British.
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  7. Prefer snooker to modern boxing
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  8. Boxing, along with Horse Racing and Baseball were the top 3 spectator sports 9 decades ago. How things have changed.
  9. Used to be a die-hard boxing fan.

    Been increasingly hard to watch the last decade or so...it's become way too factionalized between networks and promoters...too many good fights that get delayed or never happen.

    It's been a big problem with the heavyweight division as Wilder and Joshua posing at each other from across the divide.

    Thankfully, Fury and Ruiz have shaken up the division the past 6 months with Fury fighting Wilder to a draw (that most seem to think he won) while Ruiz knocked out Joshua.

    Hopefully, those two rematches get made soon...and the winners fight sooner than later.

  10. It wasn't really that big of a fight.

    It was expected to be a blow out, and it was.

    It was getting hyped on ESPN because promoter Top Rank has a deal with ESPN and they just signed Fury following his fight with Deontay Wilder in December that was a draw (although most had Fury winning).

    This comes off the heals of Andy Ruiz knocking out Anthony Joshua.

    If politics and money don't get in the way, we should see rematches of both Fury-Wilder and Ruiz-Joshua, and perhaps the winners would fight, but that's asking a lot of boxing.

    Lennox Lewis and Riddick Bowe were supposed to fight once, too...
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  11. Here's Ruiz-Joshua highlights for those that missed it....

  12. Everybody made fun of Ruiz but he’s got some fast hands. They can get you if you’re not careful. Fury is the best of the bunch in my opinion although I’m not sure that’s saying much given the quality and depth of the heavyweight division these days.

    Would like anyone to shut Wilder up and send him away never to return.
  13. Wilder isn’t much of a boxer, but he’s an other worldly puncher. He only weighs around 195 and effortlessly KO’s guys that outweigh him by 40 lbs and more. Still don’t know how Fury got up from that knockdown.
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  14. Wilder does talk quite a bit for a guy who, in a weak heavyweight era, has had 42 fights against mostly weak opposition.

    Seems to have been pretty content to be sort of a “paper champion” since picking up one of the titles that Vitali Klitschko has vacated not that long prior and has pretty much just sat on it.

    But it appears as if his next two fights may be rematches with Ortiz and Fury...rematches of two of his toughest fights.
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  15. Since I guess this the closest thing we have to a boxing thread...

  16. So how much will Ruiz actually make from this if his purse was apparently set up as a fixed guarantee?

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