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Fuente said to be lead candidate for Baylor job

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. Report: Virginia Tech’s Justin Fuente emerges as lead candidate for Baylor head coaching vacancy

    Little more than a week after Matt Rhule left for the NFL’s Carolina Panthers, Baylor may be closing in on a replacement as head football coach.

    Virginia Tech coach Justin Fuente has emerged as a leading candidate to replace Rhule, as first reported by Yahoo Sports, citing multiple sources. An in-person interview is expected within the next 24 hours, according to Yahoo.

    There are other top candidates as well. FootballScoop.com reported that Louisiana head coach Bill Napier interviewed Tuesday. Interim Baylor head coach Joey McGuire is also believed to be in the mix.
  2. Nooooooooooooooooo
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  3. ......and we’re still waiting on Kill. SMH
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  4. Maybe nothing until after signing date.

    The question is really, will GP fix our offensive problems or can he? I think he will try, but not accomplish what needs to be done, a new OC that is of the new breed like Riley, Brady, Marion, etc. that emphasises the passing game and offensive individual accountability. He's still moving toward a band-aid remedy when we need surgery. Why, why, why are we looking to hire someone to oversee our offense from an analyst position when we have a offensive OC?
  5. Do you think the more times you ask this question, in one form or another, you are going to get an answer?
  6. There is the same cabal of Patterson haters that keep hijacking every thread and it is getting really old!
  7. I like your thought PEACE.

    Now, please in your thought process, can you answer the question of why do we need someone to oversee our offense when we have a OC? If you can realistically, then there is obviously no need to continue on with this thought process for we will have the answer.
  8. Boring.
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  9. You or Offensive Analyst Supervisor?
  10. How about because Saban was the one that started this role as an Advisor and he uses former head coaches to fill it all the time
    And he has won a few games that matter
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  11. Yep.
  12. So for the sake of conversation, what happens if Kill doesn’t accept and we just don’t hire anyone at all? Was the position suddenly not needed or .....
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  13. I believe we need an analyst and we need a therapist for this offense. If only there was someone available that was both an analyst and a therapist. Some way to combine the two jobs into one.
  14. Or GP couldn’t find a person he trusted to fill the role

    if you look at the latest trend of hiring recently fired, retired, in transition coaches as Analysts - most of the time the HC isn’t looking to fill a specific open role. They are being opportunistic and taking advantage of an experienced resource to help their program suddenly being available.

    If you continue to look at Saban - he basically makes up a new title for each one based on what part of the team they are focused on and when they leave- he often doesn’t backfill the role immediately, if at all
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  15. Bahahahaha Jerry Kill is the only guy for the job?

    To be fair, I don't really have an issue here, but I'm SHOCKED this was made public prior to it being a done deal. Opened yourself up to a bunch of questions
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  16. I've made a huge mistake
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  17. Didn’t say he was the only guy - I said I could see GP not hiring someone just to fill a role he would like to have but isn’t a must like a position coach

    there may be 20 guys he would be willing to hire - but one of them may be available because they have jobs or don’t want to move to FTW or whatever

    no idea why it was leaked - probably should have not been until he agreed to come on board as you said since it’s not a coaching position. But then given our fanbases belief they should know everything going on - maybe it was leaked to shut people up for a while or give them something else to [ hundin] about besides Cumbie
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  18. This fanbase is about as easy as it gets
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  19. Cool thread about Fuente.
  20. Good joke. But this is Baylor so I dunno.

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