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Fuente Likely Out

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by wilson912, Nov 21, 2020.

  1. Would you bring Justin back as OC/Associate HC?
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  2. I would bring him back as OC in a heartbeat if the alternative is what we have now.
  3. You could do worse for sure but I’d like some fresh minds.

    Wouldn’t surprise me to see GP reach out
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  4. As long as Jarrett Anderson doesn't coach a unit.
  5. The only issue would be Kill is would have to go. No way Justin comes without full autonomy. This guy ran a fairly progressive offense that Gary could live with.
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  6. Kill worked for Fuente last year.
  7. Entire current offensive staff would likely have to go. Hopefully Duggan would stay even without Sonny here.
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  8. i know but no way he’s working for JK
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  9. If a bad OC is the only thing keeping him here (which I don't believe to be true) then that's how it goes.
  10. Are our current OC's working FOR Jerry Kill?
  11. Fuente is probably the only move LHCGP would make.
  12. No way, he could also just promote Kill and leave the staff unchanged outside of DM and Sonny.
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  13. Money is being scrutinized now by the administration and with Sonny's contract up, we save $900K plus. Meach moves to QB coach and OC. Nothing much changes.......imagine that.
  14. I'll just cut and paste what I posted when you asked the question on the other site:

    I guess I would be ok with it if he could have approval of his staff and total control over the offense. We don't need just another cook in the kitchen. He's more of a power spread/multiple guy which seems to be what GP prefers over the air raid, is very organized and prepared, and does not put up with crap. He may not be the young, innovative coach that some are looking for but I could see us having a competent, cohesive offense which in and of itself would be a huge improvement over what we have now which is none of those things.
  15. In that scenario whatever they save on Sonny's contract is offset and then some by loss of season ticket sales.
  16. yeh saving money on contracts is going to be nothing compared to loss of revenue with a bottom feeder Big 12 team
  17. i am imagining total dog crap
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  18. This is kill'n me.

  19. Nobody knows for sure!
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  20. totally agree

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