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Frogs vs. OU at 6:30 CST on ABC

Moose Stuff

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I dont believe it either but even if it is true, [ What the heck? ] would you let ou kno for? Now you give them the opportunity to get ready for whoever else is going to be our QB. This is coming from a coach who's so secretive on every scheissing thing all the time and now you decide to make injuries public, smh.
Do you really think OU needs to prepare for whoever might play instead of Max in order to have success against them?


Was I supposed to type something here?
This is ridiculous. Max is fine, unless he ate some bad tacos, or burned his hand trying to fry quail in a skillet. Nobody is buying this laughable attempt at disinformation...

Mean Purple

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People can believe what they want, but that injury report GP gave is a problem.

Year after year we can't even get to game 1 with all the needed stars, much less have enough survive the season. And spare us the "everybody faces this."

Where's the depth? How are we always young?

If you cant be more than young, maybe it is time to adjust and knock off the over complicated split field defense schemes and give them a chance to compete.

GoFrog Yourself

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So the game is going to be on ABC. Well DISH isn’t broadcasting ABC at the moment due to financial negotiations. If they don’t have it figured out by Saturday then I’m going to be looking for someplace to go to watch the game. Any suggestions on where I might go for some good good and some Frog fans to root with during the game.
Buy yourself a digital antenna

Strat Frog

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Not that it’s necessarily all that telling, but Max’s last play on Saturday was the handoff to Miller for the 45 yard final touchdown. Max appeared fine then but of course didn’t have to do very much on that play. Next series was Downing.