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Frogs on NFL Rosters

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by MAcFroggy, Sep 6, 2019.

  1. With NFL starting this weekend, I thought I would compile a list of Frogs that made the regular season rosters. Overall we have 15 players on NFL rosters (8 offensive players and 7 defensive players).

    Jerry Hughes - Bills
    Marcus Cannon - Patriots
    Austin Schlottmann - Broncos
    Andy Dalton - Bengals
    Ben Banogu - Colts
    Matt Pryor - Eagles
    Big V - Eagles
    Travin Howard - Rams
    Joseph Noteboom - Rams
    Jason Verrett - 49ers
    Joey Hunt - Seahawks
    LJ Collier - Seahawks
    Ty Summers - Packers
    Josh Doctson - Vikings
    Colin Jones - Panthers
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  2. ^^^ probably would’ve been 19 if Boykin and Turpin weren’t ding-dongs
  3. So who are the 4 not listed above?
  4. Kindred, Carraway, and Jonathan Anderson were all late cuts?
  5. Josh Carraway - Rams
    Jonathan Anderson - Giants
  6. No idea if they are including IR and Practice squad as those two technically count towards a 90 man roster

    Jonathan Anderson - Giants, IR (Knee)
    Patrick Morris - Steelers, Practice
    Josh Carraway - Rams, IR (Ankle)
    Aviante Collins- Vikings, Practice

    DK was released late by the Jets.
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  7. Newhouse isn’t with anyone still right?
  8. No but the 49ers are looking at him.
  9. [​IMG]
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  10. I watched the Packers-Bears game, but I don't think Summers got in the game. One thing I came away with, though: I'm glad we don't have to face Montgomery at ISU any more.

    I thought he was the best running back we played against last year. Whenever ISU took him out of the game their offense suffered.
  11. Summers had a ST tackle but I don't think he played on defense.
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  12. Montgomery was a criminally underrated RB. I’ve never seen anyone shed tackles the way he could. If he had been at Alabama or Clemson he would’ve won a Heisman.
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  13. Saints waived him last Sunday after reaching an injury settlement.
    I was hoping to have a Frog on the team again. I think David Hawthorne was the most recent. (Hawthorne & his wife rented a house two blocks from me. I only met them once in the neighborhood despite passing his house daily. Seemed like really nice people. )
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  14. That’s exactly why I haven’t understood all the implied ISU love in the off season. The assumption they would just pick up offensively from last year was absurd. Their def is damn good though
  15. They didn't just lose Montgomery to the NFL. Lazard made it onto the Packers practice squad and got moved to the 53 man roster after injuries.
  16. Lazard wasn't on the Iowa State team last year. He was part of the 2018 NFL draft class but went drafted.

    However, Hakeem Butler was on the ISU team from last season, and he was drafted in the 4th round.
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  17. Troy Davis was really good, too.
  18. I can't keep all of their giant WR straight
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  19. .....and Butler is likely out for the season unfortunately for Az with hand injury, sux

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