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Frogs Get ESPN Gameday Again


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Updating some “national exposure” stats. This year TCU has been:

  • Featured on ESPN College Gameday 3x (Kansas, Texas, Big 12 Championship)
  • Feature on FOX Big Noon Saturday 2x (Tech, Baylor)
  • Broadcast nationally on ABC or FOX 7x (OU, Oklahoma State, Tech, Texas, Baylor, Iowa State, Big 12 Championship)
  • Broadcast nationally on big ESPN 3x (Colorado, West Virginia, and eventually Peach/Fiesta/Cotton)
  • Faced 6 then-ranked Top 25 teams (OU, Kansas, Oklahoma State, K-State, Texas, and K-State)
  • Faced 2 then-ranked Top 10 teams (Oklahoma State, K-State [second time])
  • Played as a ranked team 9x (since KU) and played in games where both teams were ranked 5x (Kansas, Oklahoma State, K-State, Texas, and K-State)
  • Been ranked in the CFP top 7 and discussed as a potential playoff team every week rankings were released.
Monster year. Just unbelievable to think back to Halloween Night 2021 and believe where we are.
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