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Frogs are throwing up the weights tonight

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Froggish, Feb 26, 2020.

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    wallow looks like he has put on some good weight and 375 in the power clean is impressive for a guy weighing ~230

    not surprised by barlow benching 370 and curious what his three lift total is for the night as he powerlifted at newton. he had a best of 325 at the state meet last year at 195.

    great deal of weight for john stephens to bench with those long arms. i would really love to see him start to produce in the passing game
  2. Word is A.Washington put up a 600lb squat.

    DDavis won the Lightweight Champ
    Tony Wallace won the Middle
    GWallow won the heavy..
  3. that could be very good news that tony wallace was healthy enough to compete and performed well
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  4. When he signed I didn't think Avila would ever play a meaningful down, he was one of those kids that just looked miles away from being physically ready to play. It appears I might have been wrong, could end up being a player.
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  5. John Stephens needs to put on 20 lbs and play TE...dude could play in the NFL as a TE. He's obviously strong enough...get him to 235 and he would be a force everywhere.
  6. Based on his clean?
  7. Weird because he can’t block and has questionable hands. Why would he be good at a position that requires even more skill at blocking?
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  8. Not entirely. Some news on the other site where he could push for a starting spot this year.
  9. "Esteban Avila cleaned 405. Garret Wallow cleaned 375 and Kellton Hollins cleaned 390."

    I heard a similar report over the housekeeping walkie-talkie system at the LaQuinta.
  10. Word is he is really pushing McMillon
  11. good, there needs to be as much competition as possible with every position in that offensive line.

    i would love to see lanz, burnette, and harris get involved in the mix at guard. frogs need to get much better in the interior offensive line.
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  12. I thought it was called a power cling...
  13. Only in Azle
  14. So let's leave him buried on the depth chart at WR...or maybe find a position that is more suitable to his size and available skill set?? That's what I do...

    Who said he can't block? And maybe he would be better blocking LBs and DEs then little CBs who are quicker and smaller. I also think he hands might be better on pop passes over the middle or 5 yd outs TEs typically run then fly routes or deep slants.
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