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Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by YA, Nov 7, 2019.

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    1. Innis Gaines is out for rest of season

    2. Possible 2-3 other players out for this game

    3. osu was one of the toughest games on players bodies in awhile

    4. Xray machine at osu was of poor quality and gave poor results. Back in FW, the results were much better for Max

    5. Max is playing and has been practicing all week

    6. Matthew Downing was already studying film when team got back and Coach P noted this. Said don't pay any attention to his walk-on status, he is a player

    7. Said players have been coming to him on both sides of the ball who are not playing and saying put me in coach, they are "ballers"--he just laughs at them as he quizzes them on what they know in the playbook to see if they are, most are not ready

    8. Lots of redshirt freshmen and sophomores on the 2 deep

    9. Told the story of a former player who texted him this last week and said thank you for being honest with him during his playing days. It made him a better man. It is 40 years not 4 the program is going for

    10. baylor is good but has been very lucky with breaks, etc. Sometimes that is how seasons go. He isn't going to make mad the football gods by saying anymore about their lucky breaks, etc.

    11. baylor qb is good in designed running plays

    12. baylor's 3-3-5 is a new twist and it is working

    13. TCU will use the 3-3-5 more in the future and was going to break it out for OU and for possible rest of time along with our base defense--interesting!!!

    14. GP in good mood, even mentioned that he doesn't want to be in a good mood or bad mood as people will always comment that it is some sort of sign of how the team will play

    15. Good practice this week

    16. No mention of Delton or any questions on the same

    17. Food was grilled chicken with white sauce and mushrooms, roast, green beans, corn and salad
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  2. Thanks, YA!
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    Interesting on Gaines. Wild I'm saying this, but not sure it's a huge loss

    Duggan is awesome news (if true)

    3-3-5 is interesting and makes sense
  4. wait, wait, wait.....[ What the heck? ] happened to gaines?
  5. Rough season or not Innis Gaines was fun to watch. Will be missed.

    (Go back and watch his antics from the 2018 SMU game - I would hate him if he wasn’t in a TCU uniform)
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  6. I’ve wanted to run more 3-3-5 since we completely dominated Mahomes holding them to 17 points in regulation.
  7. Shout out to Innis scheissing Gaines. He is a bad man and so much fun to watch play.
  8. Got a feeling that Downing finishes this game and he wins it for the frogs.
  9. Frogs for the win this weekend! The Duggan and Downing Show.

    I hope they put Bethley or Blacklock on one of the ends that rotate inside and out like the Houston Texans would do with JJ Watt and then put your most productive defensive end on the other side. We are to the point in this season that we need our best 11 tacklers all on the field at once. Got to get to 6 wins. I think we finish 7-5 and win our bowl game.
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  10. Agree with all. IG wasn’t wasn’t quite the same guy this year.
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  11. Nope. Hate it for him because he was one of the best I’ve seen at that position before he got hurt. I don’t know if he never fully trusted his knee or what.
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  12. Hey Alex...yes you, Alex Delton.

    Come look at this.

    This is what a team player and team leader does.
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  13. Lots of good info, please do this more often Gary
  14. ??
  15. Not even close..maybe even a hair from being a liability
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  16. Sooo, T. Boone went for the Walmart brand x-ray machine...?

    wish GP had left the BU been lucky business to himself, even if it is obvious. We’re screwed...
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  17. Gary could have brought up Baylor's easy non-conference schedule.
  18. Because of Number 14...we are screwed

    Good thing I bet my (2nd) mortgage on Baylor -2
  19. Actually, in Stillwater it would the Joe-Ray brand machine.

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